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wink book cover


by Rob Harrell JF HARRELL, R. Middle School can be a little rough for anyone, but for Ross, it's especially rough. He's just been diagnosed with cancer of his eye! So not only does he have to go for radiation treatments, he also has to go to school wearing an eye patch (like a pirate!), and  he has to keep putting some…

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in the key of us book cover

In the Key of Us

by Mariama Lockington JF LOCKINGTON, M. Harmony Music Camp is a big deal. You have to apply and be accepted for camp, and each week you audition for your seat in the band.   This is Andi’s first year at camp, and it kind of feels like her aunt and uncle are trying to get rid…

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jennifer chan is not alone book cover

Jennifer Chan is not Alone

by Tae Keller JF KELLER, T. Do you believe in aliens? The new girl, Jennifer, does, but Mallory knows admitting that would make Jennifer an outcast. Mallory decides to help Jennifer to fit in, but when Jennifer goes missing, she has to admit that maybe her “help” was actually bullying.   Mallory wants to find Jennifer,…

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the way of the hive: a honey bee's story book cover

The Way of the Hive: A Honeybee’s Story

by Jay Hosler J GRAPH HOSLER, J. Bees are not my favorite (since I have been stung many times) but I know they are important. The author makes the reader care about honey bees by describing their growth and development. He personalizes it by telling us about one bee, Nyuki. I learned why honey bees are…

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how to find what you're not looking for book cover

How to Find What You’re Not Looking For

by Veera Hiranandani JF HIRANANDANI, V. Ariel Goldberg is in middle school, dealing with friendship and learning challenges. Ariel is also dealing with family issues, as her beloved older sister Leah leaves home to marry Raj, the Indian man that she has fallen in love with.  When Leah’s parents refuse to accept the marriage, Ariel realizes…

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ophie's ghosts book cover

Ophie’s Ghosts

by Justina Ireland JF IRELAND, J. Ophelia, or Ophie, wakes up one night to her father telling her she needs to get out of the house. Moments later, some men from town come and set it on fire. It is only later that Ophie discovers her father was killed the night before, and that his…

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across the desert book cover

Across the Desert

by Dusti Bowling JF BOWLING, D. Jolene has become friends online with Addie, who livestreams when she flies her ultralight plane. When Jolene sees Addie crash her plane in the desert, she knows she has to move quickly to find her. Jolene leaves a note for her mom and takes off, hoping to get to…

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hide and geek book cover

Hide and Geek

by T.P. Jagger JF JAGGER, T. Meet the GEEKs:  Gina, Edgar, Elena, and Kevin--best friends who are determined to save their hometown of Elmwood, the former headquarters of the famous toy maker Maxine Van Houten.  At one time Maxine’s toy the Bamboozler put the town on the map.  But now Maxine has died, her heirs have…

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no vacancy book cover

No Vacancy

by Tziporah Cohen JF COHEN, T. Miriam and her family move from Manhattan to upstate New York to run a motel. Miriam is 11, and has two good friends she hates to leave back home. Upon arrival in her new town, Miriam meets a new friend, Kate and a cast of towns people who begin…

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eddie whatever book cover

Eddie Whatever

by Lois Ruby JF RUBY, L. Eddie has been assigned community service hours at a retirement home for his Bar Mitzvah project.  He thinks his time there will be boring. Wrong! First, some of the residents report having their valuables stolen.  Then there are reports of hearing a ghost talking through the vents.  There’s also…

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