On-site Services Planned for June at MPPL

The Mount Prospect Public Library announces its plan to phase-in on-site services for the public in June. Since closing to the public March 14, the library currently offers a variety of virtual programs and online resources for its patrons.

The plan includes a new service called “Parking Lot Pickup,” as well as home delivery services, tentatively scheduled to begin the first two weeks of June at the Main Library (10 S. Emerson Street).

Specifics to participate in these programs will be detailed on the library’s website, social media, and mailed to residents’ homes later in May. Patrons may place books or other materials, such as DVDs, on hold now. The library encourages all residents to have a library card. To register for a card online, please visit The library has registered hundreds of new users since April using this new online application system.

The library will also announce later in May when patrons can return materials to book drops. All due dates have been extended and no fines have accrued during the closure.

Both the Main Library and South Branch buildings will remain closed to the public, and library employees will begin to work on-site with staggered shifts in late May to prepare for the Parking Lot Pickup, home delivery, as well as other phase-in plans. Staff and administration are working to ensure safety protocols are in place to serve the community with new methods and controls for social-distancing.

The library’s actions are guided by available science and information from health and infectious disease experts, Executive Orders from the Office of Governor Pritzker, and the American Library Association. The safety of our patrons and staff is our highest priority.

While the stay-at-home order is in place, the library encourages everyone in the community to stay home and continue to follow the recommendations of public health officials.

For up-to-date information about COVID-19, please refer to these important resources:


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