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  • New for Book Clubs: When We Left Cuba, The Friend, and My Year of Rest and Relaxation

    Attention ambitious book groups: Allow us to introduce three titles that aren’t afraid to test the boundaries of character, theme, and style. Ideal for those who crave thought-provoking dialogue, these new additions to the Book Discussion collection pose moral dilemmas that will invite strong opinion whether you read on your own or with a book club.

  • Library Life Episode 222

    Library Life February 2020 This episode of Library Life includes: A 30-year anniversary history of the Friends of the Library Book Discussion An interview with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Chadwick Prodromos, about stem cell treatments and other regenerative medicine, and his Library event, Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis and Orthopedic Injuries. A peek at the MAD… Read more »

  • Singing and Signing

    Teaching children sign language increases awareness that people are differently abled and practices fine motor skills. Plus, it’s just plain fun!  

  • Five ways to recognize a Social Security scam

    Currently, Social Security scams are the most commonly reported type of fraud and scam, and according to the Social Security Administration’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG), these scams continue to evolve. The OIG is now warning the public that scammers are making phone calls and then following up with emails containing falsified documents aimed at convincing people to pay…. Read more »

  • New for Book Clubs: Dark Matter, The Name of the Wind, and Redeployment

    Book groups come in all sizes and flavors. If you are part of a group that specializes in speculative or gritty stories, or if your ‘traditional’ group is ready for something not quite as traditional, you may be ready to meet one of our newest additions to the Book Discussion collection.

  • Fun With Bubbles

    Did you know that playing with bubbles isn’t just fun? It’s also educational! Watch this video to find out all the benefits of bubbles.