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measuring up book cover

Measuring Up

by Lily LaMotte J GRAPH LAMOTTE, L. Cici has just moved from Taiwan to Seattle. She is learning about American customs and really misses her A-ma. She decides to try something new and enters a cooking contest so she can win and get the money for a plane ticket for her A-ma. Along the way,…

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Family cooking together.

Explore the World with Food

We can learn about what foods are grown and eaten all over the world by trying new restaurants or recipes. Cooking together as a family can be a learning and a bonding experience. Kids can practice following directions, the math of measuring, and the science of combining ingredients, all while learning about their family’s heritage…

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chicken eggs of various shades of white and brown

Maker Monday: Egg Experiments & Facts

Eggs Eggs are an incredible adaptation that allow birds to stay light and able to fly while their babies are growing.  Bird eggs are covered in a shell with lots of tiny holes.  These allow air and moisture to pass through.  Eggs are also covered in a coating that keeps out bacteria and dust.  To see the parts of an egg…

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Monty the MPPL duck with his winter reading badges

Winter Reading Badges

Look at all those badges! Monty the Mount Prospect Duck has been busy reading and doing activities for Winter Reading. You have until February 28 to try to earn as many (or more) badges than Monty! Which ones are your favorites? Attend a virtual event Chill out & read Listen to a story Warm up…

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How is Maple Syrup Made book cover

Maple Syrup Season

Beginning in the middle of February and stretching into mid March, the Sugar Maple trees begin to prepare for spring by sending sap up to their branches to fuel the spring growth.  This is one of the first signs of spring in the forest and marks maple syrup season.  On days where the nights are freezing and the days are…

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Kid Chef Bakes book cover

Maker Monday: Baking Bread

Winter is a great time to bake bread.  While it takes time to rise, the hands-on time of baking bread is minimal.  Helping in the kitchen is useful for reinforcing following directions, practice with numbers, and is way to spend time with kids while bring productive.  This recipe is from Kid Chef Bakes, the kids…

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Cinnamon Spice Edible Playdough recipe.

Maker Monday: Cinnamon Playdough

This easy recipe creates a wonderfully spicy smelling playdough that will last weeks if kept in a sealed container.    Playing with playdough helps with fine motor skills, hand strength, and creativity.  You can also use it to make letters and build letter recognition. You can add toothpicks, beads, dried pasta, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and…

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Happy Diwali- festival of lights

Celebrate Diwali With Sweets

Diwali (dih VAH lee) is a Hindu festival and a national holiday in India. The word Diwali means "row of lights." This year the holiday begins on November 14. The celebration usually lasts for five days, during which people decorate with small lamps made from baked clay, exchange gifts, and eat delicious food, especially sweets. Try…

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A jar of apple butter covered by a cloth, next to a basket of apples.

It’s Applesauce Season!

Applesauce is an easy and forgiving recipe to make. Many kinds of apples will work, and you can adjust the sugar to your liking depending on the type of apple used.  Ingredients3 lbs of apples (approximately 8 medium apples total. Most apple varieties will work, such as Fuji, Johnathan, Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, or a mix) 1/3 cup water or apple juice ½…

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Maker Monday: Solar Oven S’mores

No campfire? No problem! Try making s'mores using solar energy with this fun project from Supplies: pizza boxblack construction paperaluminum foilplastic wrap Directions: Cut the “oven door” flap on the box. Decorate with markers if you wish! Glue black construction paper to the bottom of the box. The black color absorbs the heat. Glue…

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