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wink book cover


by Rob Harrell JF HARRELL, R. Middle School can be a little rough for anyone, but for Ross, it's especially rough. He's just been diagnosed with cancer of his eye! So not only does he have to go for radiation treatments, he also has to go to school wearing an eye patch (like a pirate!), and  he has to keep putting some…

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the rhino suit book cover

The Rhino Suit

by Colter Jackson E JACKSON, C. The author describes how her feelings overwhelm her, especially when seeing the world, or people, or animals in pain. “Everywhere she looked there were beautiful things. But there were sad things too. She felt so much, sometimes her feelings overwhelmed her.” So she made herself a thick-skinned rhino-suit, where she lived…

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scritch scratch book cover

Scritch Scratch

by Lindsay Currie JF CURRIE, L. Do you like ghost stories? How about ghost stories that aren’t too scary? Well, author Lindsay Currie has a great one for you! (And it even takes place in Chicago!)  Claire’s dad gives ghost tours around the city. (There are really people who do that; I’ve gone!) Claire hates…

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It Fell from the Sky book cover

It Fell From the Sky

by Terry Fan and Eric Fan E FAN, T. A wonderful thing falls from the sky on a Thursday. The insects debate what exactly this wonder could be. While they are busy deciding, the clever spider takes the wonder for his own. For him, the wonder is more than a mysterious beauty; it is an…

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in the key of us book cover

In the Key of Us

by Mariama Lockington JF LOCKINGTON, M. Harmony Music Camp is a big deal. You have to apply and be accepted for camp, and each week you audition for your seat in the band.   This is Andi’s first year at camp, and it kind of feels like her aunt and uncle are trying to get rid…

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noodleheads do the impossible book cover

Noodleheads Do the Impossible

by Tedd Arnold J GRAPH ARNOLD, T. Have you ever wanted to do impossible things? Mac and Mac do too. They want to walk all the way around the world, count all the stars in the sky, and count all the grains of sand. This is an enjoyable hilarious adventure.…

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jennifer chan is not alone book cover

Jennifer Chan is not Alone

by Tae Keller JF KELLER, T. Do you believe in aliens? The new girl, Jennifer, does, but Mallory knows admitting that would make Jennifer an outcast. Mallory decides to help Jennifer to fit in, but when Jennifer goes missing, she has to admit that maybe her “help” was actually bullying.   Mallory wants to find Jennifer,…

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the way of the hive: a honey bee's story book cover

The Way of the Hive: A Honeybee’s Story

by Jay Hosler J GRAPH HOSLER, J. Bees are not my favorite (since I have been stung many times) but I know they are important. The author makes the reader care about honey bees by describing their growth and development. He personalizes it by telling us about one bee, Nyuki. I learned why honey bees are…

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apple of my pie book cover

Apple of My Pie

by Mika Song J GRAPH SONG, M. Apple of My Pie is a cute story about how Grandpa Squirrel falls into an apple truck and is driven away to an apple orchard. His squirrel family wants to save him, so they use their friends, a bird and a man with a food truck who can…

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bug scouts out in the wild book cover

Bug Scouts: Out in the Wild

by Mike Lowery ER LOWERY, M. Hey Fly Guy Fans! We have your next book to read. Meet the Bug Scouts, Doug, Abby and Josh. Doug and Abby love everything about the Bug Scouts from hiking to nature exploring. and Doug well he is just here for the snacks. These bugs are on a mission…

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