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A group of people laugh under falling confetti as they celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.

Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15 to October 15, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history, cultures, and contributions of Americans with Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean, Central, and South American ancestry. We’re here to connect you with books and learning experiences celebrating Hispanic heritage throughout the year. You’re invited to join us at a program, check out books by Latin American and Hispanic authors, and delve into resources that explore the achievements of Hispanic communities across the United States.

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A young woman places a book at the very top of a bookshelf in a library. Black and white.

The Secret Life of Librarians

If your child visited the Mount Prospect Public Library recently, they might have learned about the secret lives of librarians. This VIP experience includes a tour of restricted zones in the library. There are a lot of myths about what it’s like to work in a public library, but none of them come close to capturing what it's like working in a library.

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A girl and a younger boy experiment with vials of colorful liquid.

New STEM Programs For You

Like many of today's young whippersnappers, for a time my kids hoped to make it big as professional YouTubers. During that phase, their favorite activity involved planning and recording videos around their unique cooking theme "Gross to Good." The idea was just like it sounds, except for the "good" part.

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A father reads a children's book with his daughter.

Fall Storytimes Begin Soon!

Storytime Thoughts from Ms. Sydney I know every word of Margaret Wise Brown’s story Goodnight Moon by heart. You might assume that’s because I’m a children’s librarian, but this is not the reason. Goodnight Moon was *the* book for my youngest child—grown-ups, you know what I’m talking about... ...That one story, song, silly little bouncing…

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A child wearing a plastic astronaut helmet holds a paper-crafted rocket.

One Small Step…

  “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast off!”   I glanced, smiling, at my 4-year-old, whose expression showed the same intensity and focus of a real Mission Control staffer. “Pshhh!” The explosion sounds were impassioned, and there was the spit to prove it. Noah slowly lifted the space shuttle into the…

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wink book cover


by Rob Harrell JF HARRELL, R. Middle School can be a little rough for anyone, but for Ross, it's especially rough. He's just been diagnosed with cancer of his eye! So not only does he have to go for radiation treatments, he also has to go to school wearing an eye patch (like a pirate!), and  he has to keep putting some…

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the rhino suit book cover

The Rhino Suit

by Colter Jackson E JACKSON, C. The author describes how her feelings overwhelm her, especially when seeing the world, or people, or animals in pain. “Everywhere she looked there were beautiful things. But there were sad things too. She felt so much, sometimes her feelings overwhelmed her.” So she made herself a thick-skinned rhino-suit, where she lived…

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scritch scratch book cover

Scritch Scratch

by Lindsay Currie JF CURRIE, L. Do you like ghost stories? How about ghost stories that aren’t too scary? Well, author Lindsay Currie has a great one for you! (And it even takes place in Chicago!)  Claire’s dad gives ghost tours around the city. (There are really people who do that; I’ve gone!) Claire hates…

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Moon Messenger: A Family Reunion During the Mid-Autumn Festival book cover

Mid-Autumn Festival

Today marks the holiday of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is celebrated by millions in East Asia. This is celebrated around the time of the harvest moon which can change each year. Many will participating in activities like moon gazing and lantern. The symbol of a rabbit on a moon is used by many Asian countries.…

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