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Picks by Mary S.

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hide and geek book cover

Hide and Geek

by T.P. Jagger JF JAGGER, T. Meet the GEEKs:  Gina, Edgar, Elena, and Kevin--best friends who are determined to save their hometown of Elmwood, the former headquarters of the famous toy maker Maxine Van Houten.  At one time Maxine’s toy the Bamboozler put the town on the map.  But now Maxine has died, her heirs have…

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eddie whatever book cover

Eddie Whatever

by Lois Ruby JF RUBY, L. Eddie has been assigned community service hours at a retirement home for his Bar Mitzvah project.  He thinks his time there will be boring. Wrong! First, some of the residents report having their valuables stolen.  Then there are reports of hearing a ghost talking through the vents.  There’s also…

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Diverse Books for Your Classroom

We recently held a program titled Diverse Books to Share With Your Classroom for educators in our community. Thousands of books are published every year, making it hard sometimes to keep with all the great new titles that could be used in classrooms. Library staff are happy to help by narrowing down the choices and…

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Our Castle by the Sea book cover

Our Castle by the Sea by Lucy Strange 

Before the war, Pet was just an ordinary 11-year-old living with her family.  But when Hitler's bombers begin attacking the English coast, everything starts to fall apart.  Someone in her village is helping the Germans by sabotaging telephone lines and setting fire to buildings.  Since Pet's mother is German, she is the most obvious suspect.  The tribunal…

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The Truth as Told By Mason Buttle book cover

The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle by Leslie Connor 

This is Mason:  Mammoth in size  Always sweaty  Super at dog care  Outstanding friend  Not good at reading and writing  Not only is Mason big in size, he also seems to have a big amount of bad luck.  First, his grandpa dies, then his mom, and then fifteen months ago Benny Kilmartin, his best friend,…

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Lifeboat 12 book cover

Lifeboat 12 by Susan Hood

When Ken first hears the news that his parents are sending him to Canada, he thinks this is his stepmother’s way of finally getting rid of him. But once the bombs start to fall on his London home, and his family has to the spend their nights in the stinky, crowded bomb shelter, Canada doesn’t…

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Best Buds Under Frogs book cover

Best Buds Under Frogs by Leslie Patricelli

Making friends at a new school is hard, and its even harder when you throw up on someone's brand-new shoes during recess. Lily just wants to crawl into her imaginary turtle shell or better yet never ever go to school again.  But, luckily for her, she meets Darby, who doesn't seem to care what other…

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Tumble & Blue by Cassie Beasley book cover

Tumble & Blue by Cassie Beasley

Blue Montgomery comes from a cursed family. Some bad, some good, those curses define who they are. Blue can never win, and his father can never lose. Tumble Wilson is a hero in training but instead of saving anyone, she always seems to end up the damsel in distress. Once in awhile comes a special…

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The House of a Million Pets by Ann Hodgman book cover

The House of a Million Pets by Ann Hodgman

Did your mom ever tell you that you couldn't have a pet?  For me, it was a puppy.  No matter how many times I asked, the answer was always no.  Author Ann Hodgman decided that when she grew up, she would have as many pets as she wanted.  She would be the kind of mom…

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Young Fredle book cover

Young Fredle by Cynthia Voigt 

If it hadn’t been for the delicious combination of chocolate and peppermint, Fredle might have lived his whole life as an indoor mouse. When he becomes ill from overeating, he is pushed from the safety of his family’s nest out onto the unprotected kitchen floor. There, Missus traps him under a glass and releases him outside. Having lived…

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