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Lost in NYC book cover

Lost in NYC: A Subway Adventure by Nadja Spiegelman

Pablo’s family moves around a lot. On his first day at his new school they take a trip to the Empire State Building, and they ride the famous New York subway to get there. Along the way, Pablo and his classmate, Alicia get separated from the rest of the class and have to find the…

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Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity book cover

Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity by Dave Roman

Hakata Soy is an intergalactic hero. However, that all changes when his parents send him to Astronaut Academy, a space school. Now, instead of saving worlds he has to take classes like Science, which by the way is taught by an elf, and anti-gravity gymnastics. With new friends and a new school, will Hakata ever…

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Hilda and the Black Hound book cover

Hilda and the Black Hound by Luke Pearson

I read a lot of graphic novels, and the Hilda series is one of my all-time favorites! First of all, just look at her—she’s got blue hair and cute red boots. The setting of each of the Hilda books is sort of a realistic world but with some mythical, magical, and fantastical elements, such as…

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City of Light, City of Dark book cover

City of light, City of Dark: A Comic Book Novel by Avi

How can a seemingly ordinary subway token hold the power to light a whole city? When Carlos finds this token, he meets several people who want it. Will the city be frozen over forever by the Kurbs, who actually own the city, and not the humans? Carlos and Sarah have to uncover the truth in…

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Little Insects book cover

10 Little Insects by Davide Cali !

10 Little Insects by Davide Cali is a graphic novel parody of Agatha Christie’s 10 Little Indians (also titled And Then There Were None). Even if you haven’t read that, you may still recognize this classic mystery formula. A bunch of people, or in this case bugs, are invited to a mansion for the weekend. Each has been lured…

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The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents: Macbeth book cover

The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents: Macbeth by Ian Lendler

Maybe you've heard of Shakespeare from plays like Romeo and Juliet--sappy--or Othello:  boring!  But I promise you, this Shakespeare play is not like anything you've ever read before.  The animals are putting on the play MacBeth at the zoo.  There will be yummy snacks--peanuts, bananas, and even earthworms.  You'll want to make sure you get a good seat--not behind the…

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The Dumbest Idea Ever book cover

The Dumbest Idea Ever! by Jimmy Gownley

If you ask Jimmy why he started creating comics, he would tell you it all began when he caught chicken pox in middle school. Before that he was popular, an athlete, and doing really well in school, but then he had to miss school and the championship basketball game for being sick. His grades begin…

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