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Screenshot of ChatGPT login that says "Welcome to ChatGPT. Log in with your OpenAI account to continue."

Learn more about ChatGPT and other AI tools 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our lives, transforming the way we interact with technology. Generative AI tools such as Open AI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing chatbot use a conversational model to generate text based on human prompts. If you're curious to learn more about this technology and explore the capabilities of…

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O’Reilly offers online learning for key tech skills

Keeping current on technology and business-related topics can be a challenge, and the Mount Prospect Public Library has a valuable resource to help. O’Reilly for Public Libraries is an e-learning platform consisting of business and technology videos, e-Books, and learning paths.   O’Reilly for Public Libraries offers up-to-date information in multiple formats including:  e-Books – Includes…

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O'Reilly for Public Libraries

O’Reilly offers new business and technology titles

A new and notable web resource is available for patrons to use at the library or from home with their library card. O’Reilly for Public Libraries offers current and popular titles in the fields of technology and business. Patrons looking to expand their technical and career skills will be particularly interested in checking out this resource.     The…

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LinkedIn Learning is now LinkedIn Learning

Our service has been upgraded to a new platform with twice the amount of courses in six new languages. You can find it on our web resources page with a new name, LinkedIn Learning (formerly

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Online Learning computer screen

Free tech courses available to job seekers

A technical skills upgrade is one effective way to add valuable, attention-grabbing content to an existing resume. LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft are making several technical courses available for free of charge and certifications in selected skills available at a greatly reduced price for many workers.   LinkedIn Learning has identified ten jobs that are in-demand in today’s economy and are positioned…

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U.S. road signs

Tinker with Your Car with Library Resources

If you're like me, you aren't driving a lot lately. I love cars and driving about in my comically small SmartCar. So I was thinking about finding activities to do with my car that don't involve driving in circles. Mount Prospect Public Library has two auto resources. One is Auto Repair Source. This is one…

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Free Photo Colorization from MyHeritage

Would you like see your family's black and white photographs in a new light? You may want to look into a service offered by the genealogy online resource MyHeritage. The company revolutionized the world of online genealogy web sites recently when the company announced that anyone could upload black-and-white photographs to and then the…

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MyHeritage Library Edition

New Genealogy Resource

October is Family History Month, and the Library is celebrating by announcing the acquisition of My Heritage, a genealogy subscription database. Like Ancestry Library Edition and, My Heritage has indexed census, vital records and family tree information. My Heritage,however, can be accessed at home by Mount Prospect Public Library cardholders! To find more clues…

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Copyright Trends: Cobbler Nevada, LLC v. Gonzalez

Copyright infringement has been a hot topic since the 18th century for print materials, and exceedingly relevant for digital files since the era of Napster in 1999. In recent years, entities like copyright trolls and other digital watchdogs are always on the lookout to acquire significant monetary gain through litigious means, even if the accused…

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Newspaper icon. Illustration.

Fake News Resources

What is Fake News? "Fake news is made-up stuff, masterfully manipulated to look like credible journalistic reports that are easily spread online to large audiences willing to believe the fictions and spread the word."-- PolitiFact Fake news is a type of completely made up and deliberately spread story, manipulated to resemble credible journalism and to…

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