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South Branch Staff Picks

Time for Kids Almanac 2011

Time Almanac
The Time for Kids Almanac 2011 is packed with interesting facts, lists, and quizzes.  You can study this book to study useful facts about the countries of the world or how the U.S. government works. For fun, read about dangerous critters (p. 24), cool new inventions (page 141), and an interview with Justin Bieber (p. 156).

By jchristen on April 20, 2011 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth

La Gran Orquesta de Animales

La gran orquesta de animales

51jRYxudYPL__SS500_ “La interpretación de la orquesta fue definida por los críticos como Musicanimal” Rudolf Klimosky realiza su sueño de tener una orquesta de animales, busco por los cinco continentes para poder formar una orquesta nunca antes vista o escuchada.


La gran orquesta de animales

By hmarroquin on March 15, 2011 Categories: Books, Youth

Tales of the Cryptids

Cryptids Have you ever glimpsed something strange out in the woods or in the water? You might have spotted a cryptid. Cryptids are mysterious creatures that may or may not exist. In Tales of the Cryptids, you can read all about legends of famous creatures like the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabras, and Bigfoot.

By hmarroquin on December 23, 2010 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth

Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett

Leaf TroubleEver wonder why the leaves on a tree change color? So did little squirrel.  Read Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett as mama squirrel explains why the leaves change color and fall off when Summer changes to Autumn.

By jperez on November 30, 2010 Categories: Books, Film, Youth

I Am Invited to a Party by Mo Willems

I am Invited To A Party_jpg_display
When Piggie is invited to her very first party, she asks her elephant friend Gerald to help her get ready. Gerald knows a lot about parties, and he makes sure that he and his friend are wearing the perfect outfits. If you enjoy parties, you’ll want to check out I Am Invited to a Party.

By jperez on November 22, 2010 Categories: Books, Youth

Pokemon – Pikachu



“I Choose You!” Join Ash Ketchum in his journey to his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master.  Watch Ash as he battles different Pokémon and Gym Leaders – From Pikachu to Zubat, Ash will have to catch them all.

By jperez on October 31, 2010 Categories: Fiction, Film, Youth

A Bad Case of the Giggles

61+LxK07P7L__SL500_AA300_ If you like silly things,

Give these poems a try.

I’ll bet if you read just one,

You’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry!


By jperez on September 23, 2010 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth

Diario de Greg

Wimpy DIARIO DE GREG es una serie de libros con un gran sentido de humor. La historia comienza cuando la mamá de Greg le regala un diario para que anote sus impresiones. UN RENACUAJO en este diario Greg empieza a narrar su vida diaria, como sobrevive la secundaria y sus chistosas aventuras. LA LEY DE RODRICK se basa en el verano de Greg y las fechorías de Rodrick, su hermano mayor. ESTO ES EL COLMO es el diario en el que Greg explica el porqué su papá lo quiere enviar a una academia militar ¿Se salva de esta?. DIA DE PERROS muestra el verano ideal para Greg, pero en sus sueños pues su mamá tiene algo más preparado. La serie cuenta con otro libro basado en la película y el quinto libro viene en camino.  Los libros cuentan con simples pero divertidos dibujos animados como tipo comic que te tendrán riendo hasta el final.

By hmarroquin on August 20, 2010 Categories: Books, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Youth

The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan

IndexRanger’s Apprentice Ruins of Gorlan is of a young boy named Will whose dream is to be a great warrior in Battleschool but Will later discovers that his fate has already been chosen for him.   Join Will in his heroic adventure as he learns the skills of a Ranger that will help in survive and defeat the evil that threatens the kingdom.  This is John Flanagan’s first books in the Rangers Apprentice series so don’t miss the rest. 

By jperez on July 30, 2010 Categories: Books, Fiction, Youth

The 39 Clues Book 1: The Maze of Bones

Would you have chosen a million dollars or the chance to uncover your family secret?  Join Amy and Dan Cahill in their quest that might lead them to fame and fortune.  The Maze of Bones is Rick Riordan’s first book in The 39 Clues series.  From buildings blowing up to Benjamin Franklin’s mind boggling inventions, you won’t be able to put the book down.

By jperez on June 1, 2010 Categories: Books, Youth