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100 People Who Made History by Ben Gilliland

“Meet the people who shaped modern world” says the cover of this book, and inside we will discover why!

Enjoy a full array of peculiar topics such as Daring Discoverers, Leading Leaders or Clued-up Creatives, as we learn about inventors, explorers, philosophers, etc. 100 People Who Made History is a book that has a fantastic presentation with pictures as well information.

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Jim Gill sings Do Re Mi on his toe leg knee

Jim Gill sings Do Re Mi on his toe leg knee

Jim Gill sings Do Re Mi on his toe leg knee

Do your kids enjoy coming to storytime for the books and the music?  With Jim Gill’s Do Re Mi, you can take some of your child favorite songs home.  Jim Gill sings Do Re Mi on his toe leg knee is a fun and high energy auido cd  were your child can spend hours and hours listening to.


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Hot Diggity Dog:The History of the Hot Dog

Hot Diggity Dog: The History of the Hot Dog

Hot Diggity Dog: The History of the Hot Dog

Calling all dogs! Did you know that in the United States hot dogs are also called red hots? Read all about the fascinating history of the hot dog in Hot Diggity Dog.  From its 1860′s arrival in America to extreme eating contest, reading this book just might make you hungry. 

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ME LLAMO… Juan Pablo II por Jan W. Góra

Una de las más tiernas historias del Papa Juan Pablo Segundo contada como autobiografía. Esta historia nos lleva desde su infancia, su lugar de origen, su nombramiento como Papa, su momentos más importante y los difíciles hasta su muerte.

Este libro cuenta con hermosas ilustraciones al igual que una tabla cronológica que permite identificar acontecimientos de la historia relacionados con la vida y época del Papa Juan Pablo Segundo.

ME LLAMO… Juan Pablo II  es un libro de la serie ME LLAMO… una colección juvenil de biografías de personajes universales.

By hmarroquin on October 11, 2012 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth

The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney

The world according to Humphrey

The world according to Humphrey

Humphrey has a pretty good life as a class pet in Room 26.  He gets to learn right along with the students and he gets to go home with each of them on weekends.  All is good until classroom teacher, Mrs. Brisbane, returns from a long absence and declares her dislike of small, furry creatures.  Uh oh!  Humphrey’s situation is in jeopardy unless he can show Mrs. Brisbane what a likeable, helpful creature he is.


By bcorrigan

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Cam Jansen and The Mystery Writer Mystery

Cam Jansen is on another case!  While visiting her favorite mystery writer, Jim E. Winter, at the school book fair, a parent’s car mysteriously vanishes from the school parking l0t.   Will kid detective Cam Jansen find the car thief or will the skilled mystery writer unravel the mystery first? To find out, read Cam Jansen and The Mystery Writer Mystery by David A. Adler.  

By jperez on August 20, 2012 Categories: Books, Fiction, Youth

If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen

If I built a car If I Built a Car is a fun-filled story that follows Jack, a young boy full of imagination and creativity - from a pool in the back seat to car with wings, join Jack in his incrediable adventure as he designes a car of his dreams.

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Mi pequeña enciclopedia Larousse hadas y princesas

¿Qué diferencia hay entre una hada y una princesa?

61tQgs5feiL__SL500_AA300_Hadas y Princesas Mi pequeña enciclopedia Larousse, te ayudara a conocer las diferencias entre ellas, el cómo visten, donde viven, los tipos de hadas y princesas que hay. Disfruta esta encantadora enciclopedia aprendiendo sobre algunos de tus personajes favoritos.

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Time for Kids Almanac 2011

Time Almanac
The Time for Kids Almanac 2011 is packed with interesting facts, lists, and quizzes.  You can study this book to study useful facts about the countries of the world or how the U.S. government works. For fun, read about dangerous critters (p. 24), cool new inventions (page 141), and an interview with Justin Bieber (p. 156).

By jchristen on April 20, 2011 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth

La Gran Orquesta de Animales

La gran orquesta de animales

51jRYxudYPL__SS500_ “La interpretación de la orquesta fue definida por los críticos como Musicanimal” Rudolf Klimosky realiza su sueño de tener una orquesta de animales, busco por los cinco continentes para poder formar una orquesta nunca antes vista o escuchada.


La gran orquesta de animales

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