Notes from Storytime

Repeat After Me

Print motivation is the enjoyment of books and reading. The book Night, Circus by Mark Corcoran repeats the phrase, “’Night,” so that the narrator can say goodnight to every member of the circus. While reading this book, have your child say “’Night” to all the members of the circus. This will help your child stay involved in the book and is a way to support print motivation.
–Tip by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian

Staff Picks 4 Kids

Vulture Verses: Love Poems for the Unloved by Diane Lang

Cover image for Vulture verses : love poems for the unlovedThis poetry book starts out with a boy deciding to write friendship notes to all his friends, especially those who probably would never get a note like vultures, moles, snakes, etc.  Each page is a note written in poetic form to a forgotten, somewhat disliked, animal or insect.  Underneath each poem is a fact or two about how the animal actually helps us or explains their important role in our lives.  Who knows…you may want to write  a friendship note too!

Book reviewed by Barb M., Youth Outreach and Programming Assistant

Book Klub 4 Kids

Caroline’s Secret Message (American Girls Collection: Caroline, 1812, #2) by Kathleen Ernst

Cover image for Caroline's secret messageThe book I read was called, Caroline’s Secret Message. The author of the book was Kathleen Ernst. In the book, Caroline and her Mother make a dangerous trip to find Caoline’s father who is in prison because British people captured him in the war of 1812. Only Caroline was allowed to see her father, and a soldier only gave her 10 minutes. But Caroline’s father can’t come home. That is about a book I read.

Book read and reviewed by Stephanie.