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Notes from Storytime

Monster Talk

Monster, be Good!As you read Monster, Be Good! by Natalie Marshall, have your child tell the monster the phrase after you read it. Then when you are done, ask some questions like, “What would you say if someone gave you a present?” or “What do you say if you accidentally bump into someone?” When you ask your child questions, give them extra time to think and to answer you. Talking back and forth uses different parts of the brain, so it takes time for children to form their responses. This is a fun way to learn manners and narrative skills!

–Tip by Keary B., Youth Collection Librarian

Staff Picks 4 Kids

Eye to Eye: How Animals See the World by Steve Jenkins

Cover image for Eye to eye : how animals see the worldSteve Jenkins has quite a few amazing nonfiction animal books and this one doesn’t disappoint!  In Eye to Eye, you can learn how different animals have various types of eyes depending on their environment.  For example, did you know that a halibut (fish) is born with an eye on each side of his head, but as he gets older, one eye migrates and eventually they end up on the same side of his head?  He has 2 eyes on one side of his head!  This ends up being very helpful since an adult halibut spends most of its life lying on the bottom of the ocean.  With both eyes on one side of his head he is able to see away from the ocean floor.  How cool is that?

20 animal eyes are featured with great pictures, animal facts and a glossary.

Book reviewed by Carol C., Elementary School Liaison

Book Klub 4 Kids

The Bell Bandit by Jacqueline Davies.

Cover image for The bell banditI read the book “The Bell Bandit” by Jacqueline Davies. The main characters are Evan, Jessie, Maxwell, Mrs. Treski, Pete and Grandma. In the beginning  Evan, Jessie and Mrs. Treski are going to their Grandma’s house. They are going there because it is New Years eve. Also, because their Grandma’s house caught on fire and she broke her rist. Evan meets a worker named Pete and they fix Grandma’s house. In the middle Jessie is walking to the hill that had New Years eve Bell and she find outs it is missing. Then, she meets a boy named Maxwell that agrees to help find the bell. Soon, Grandma comes home but, she is acting crazy. She is thinking she is yonger, needing support when going on walks and is even forgetting who Evan is. In the end Jessie finds out that Maxwell had the bell in his closet and was not telling her. So, on New Years Eve, Grandma, Evan, Jessie, Maxwell and Pete’s baby Kaley go to ring the New Years eve bell. This story was wonderful and I would recommend this book to people who love mysteries.

Book read and reviewed by Julia.

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