Staff Picks 4 Kids Category: Early Readers

Charlie & Mouse by Laurel Snyder

Charlie & MouseCover image for Charlie & Mouse is a fun early reader book about two brothers who also happen to be great friends. They go to a neighborhood party that has a surprise twist, come up with a plan to make money, and invent a new bedtime ritual that just might get better with time. They are good at detecting “lumps” and waking them up early in the morning. If you enjoy Charlie & Mouse, there’s another book, too. Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy is all about the weekend of fun the brothers spend with their grandpa.

Tales for Very Picky Eaters by John Schneider

syndetics-lcJames is a very picky eater. He finds broccoli disgusting and milk repulsive. There are also many other foods he does not like, but Dad knows that James need to eat and drink these things. After all, we wouldn’t want to hurt the troll’s feelings that lives in the basement and makes the family’s food. This 2014 Monarch nominee book is great if you are just starting to read chapter books. The chapters are short and there are some really funny pictures. Also, James’s dad comes up with some great ideas for why James needs to eat his food.

Book reviewed by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian

I Am Going! by Mo Willems

I Am Going! Piggie is going and Elephant does NOT want him to! But, Piggie is going any way.  “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?” asks Elephant.  Elephant begs Piggie to stay because who will he play ping-pong with in his silly hat if Piggie leaves? Does Piggie leave Elephant on his own? Grab Mo Willem’s I Am Going! to find out!


A Brand-New Day With Mouse and Mole by Wong Herbert Yee

A Brand-New Day With Mouse and MoleA Brand-New Day With Mouse and Mole by Wong Herbert Lee. Mole was hoping for a fabulous “brand-new” day, but instead his day starts off terribly when he realizes all his clothes are full of holes from hungry moths!  Mole’s friend Mouse decides that Mole needs to go shopping from some  “brand-new” clothes, but first Mouse decides they need to stop for lunch so she can try some “brand-new” food.  Mole doesn’t want to try “brand-new” food or “brand-new” clothes.  Will he realize that perhaps new and different isn’t that bad after all, or will he stick with his same old stuff?  Grab this fun early reader today to find out.


Dodsworth in London by Tim Egan

Dodsworth in London In Dodsworth in London, Dodsworth and his pal duck take a trip to London and have quite an adventure.  First duck causes quite a stir at the local pub when his dart throwing turns out to be disastrous.  Then there’s a big mix while Dodsworth and duck are waiting for the double decker bus and Dodsworth. Dodsworth realizes the duck he’s with isn’t his duck, but the official Royal Duck! But where is Dodsworth’s duck? The Royal Duck offers to help Dodsworth track his duck down in London.  Do they ever find him? You’ll have to check this adventurous early reader today and find out!


Fancy Nancy and the Dazzling Book Report by Jane O’Connor

Fancy Nancy and the Dazzling Book Report It’s time for Nancy to write her first book report ever!!!  Nancy selects (a fancy word for pick) a book about Sacajawea.  Nancy works hard at decorating her book report using beads, yarn and markers- but what about the writing part of the report? Uh-Oh! Will Nancy be able to finish her report and will her teacher like it? You’ll have come check it out to know!

Soupy Saturdays With the Pain and the Great One by Judy Blume

syndetics-lcMeet first grader Jake, aka “The Pain,” and his third grade sister Abigail, aka “The Great One”.  These lovable, funny characters first appeared in a picture book over 20 years ago and now they are the stars of Judy Blume’s Soupy Saturdays with the Pain & the Great One. If you have a brother or sister, I bet that you can relate to the humorous sibling rivalries that occur over haircuts, bike riding, soccer, and birthday parties.  Jake even tries to wash a dog with his shampoo and brush the dog’s teeth with, of course, his own toothbrush.  Yuck!  Early readers can enjoy the short chapters and the adorable illustrations that truly bring the characters to life.

Reviewed by Carol C, Elementary School Liaison