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Exploring Demographics with Our New Web Resource

If you like demographics, then we have a great new resource for you, Social Explorer. You can access over 200 years of government data and see it displayed in maps. It’s an intriguing way to discover trends in aging, race, income, employment, election results, health, and crime data. These are but a few of the options. I’ve been comparing where I live in Chicago to where I always said I wanted to live, Nome, Alaska. Where I live now, there are 33,334 people per square mile, compared to 5,695 in the area around MPPL, but only 5.4 in Nome. It must be very quiet. And what is really neat is that much of this data can be compared over time, and some European and UK information is also available.

New and Forthcoming Nonfiction Titles – January 2017

New Books

Almost everyday new books arrive at the Library to be processed and then placed on the shelf or in your hands. Take a look at some of the books that have arrived most recently at the Library. Ask for more titles at the Research Services Desk!

Newly Arrived Nonfiction:

Cover of The Power of Off

The Power of Off

by Nancy Colier
A respected therapist presents an essential resource for anyone struggling with the invasive influence of modern technology. She begins by examining how today’s devices push our buttons so effectively, then offers self-evaluation tools and mindfulness practices to help us take back control of our lives.

Cover of Please Enjoy Your Happiness

Please Enjoy Your Happiness

by Paul Brinkley-Rogers
A Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent recounts his haunting love affair with a mysterious older Japanese woman in 1959 when he was a sailor.

Cover of Hitler's Wehrmacht, 1935-1945

Hitler’s Wehrmacht, 1935-1945

by Rolf-Dieter Müller
Now available for the first time in English, this meticulously researched yet accessible overview by eminent historian Müller provides the most comprehensive analysis of the unified armed forces mobilized by Adolf Hitler in 1935 to date, illuminating its role in a complex, horrific era.

Cover of What the F

What the F

by Benjamin K. Bergen
In this smart and hilarious book, a linguist and cognitive scientist, revealing how our brains process language and why languages vary around the world and over time, shows us how and why we swear, which, it seems, is an intimate part of us that we have decided to selectively deny.

Cover of Feminist Fight Club

Feminist Fight Club

by Jessica Bennett
A humorous, incisive guide to navigating subtle sexism at work draws on the experiences of a group of women who gather regularly to discuss gender-related frustrations at the workplace and how to handle them, profiling a range of predatory male archetypes and more.

Cover of Showboat


by Roland Lazenby
Seventeen-time all-star; scorer of 81 points in a game; MVP and a shooting guard second only to Jordan in league history: Kobe Bryant is one of basketball’s absolute greatest players. An in-depth portrait of Bryant combining provocative stories with classic basketball reporting and the debates surrounding his achievements.

Forthcoming Titles:

Cover of Washington's Farewell

Washington’s Farewell

by John Avlon
The almost-forgotten Farewell Address of America’s first president conveys warnings about the forces Washington believed were endangering the nation’s democracy and is complemented by text placing the address against a backdrop of the dynamics of its time.

Cover of Shakespeare: The Riddle of Genius

Shakespeare: The Riddle of Genius

by Boris Johnson
The popular historian and British politician presents an examination of Shakespeare’s enduring influence and legacy, tracing his achievements against a backdrop of the dynamic Elizabethan Renaissance and the unique talent for language that has enabled the Bard to stand the test of time.

Cover of Are Racists Crazy?

Are Racists Crazy?

by Sander L. Gilman & James M. Thomas
An illuminating and riveting history of the discourse on racism, anti-Semitism, and psychopathology, Are Racists Crazy? connects past and present claims about race and racism, showing the dangerous implications of this specious line of thought for today.

Cover of The Unsettlers

The Unsettlers

by Mark Sundeen
In a world of immersive journalism steeped in a distinctively American social history and sparked by a personal quest, the author chronicles the quest for the simple life through the stories of three very different couples and the visionaries, ascetics, and artists that inspired each of them to create a sustainable, ethical and authentic existence.

Cover of When Bad Things Happen to Good Crocheters

When Bad Things Happen to Good Crocheters

by Beth Wolfensberger Singer
The basics of crochet are very quick to master, but feeling confident about how to move beyond the basics is a common dilemma. Filled with answers, fixes, insider tips, and secrets to help crocheters along the way, this is THE complete emergency crochet instruction guide for all crocheters.

Cover of A Cabinet of Ancient Medical Curiosities

A Cabinet of Ancient Medical Curiosities

by J.C. McKeown
There are few disciplines as exciting and forward-looking as medicine. Unfortunately, however, many modern practitioners have lost sight of the origins of their discipline. McKeown aspires to cure this lapse by taking readers back to the early days of Western medicine in ancient Greece and Rome.

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The History of Santa Claus

The holiday season is full of traditional events and practices, many of which revolve around the figure of Santa Claus.  But who is this figure?  What is his history?  That story goes back to 280 CE in Myra, an area now in modern Turkey, where Saint Nicholas lived and worked as a bishop. After his death on December 6 in an unknown year, many stories developed about his kindness and generosity, especially to children.  These legends were adopted over the years by people in many areas of Europe where Saint Nicholas is still considered to be the source of gifts.  It is from him that Santa Claus as he is known today emerges with some help from Nordic mythology and the Protestant Reformation among other influences.  An article from National Geographic online gives a detailed description of this transition.  Additional information can be found at the Santa Claus entry on and the website of the St. Nicholas Center.  This far-reaching tale reveals how many cultures have added to the legend of Santa Claus, making him one figure that belongs to everyone.

SCORE Mentoring at MPPL

Do you own a local business or are thinking of starting one? Well, if you don’t already know about SCORE—you should! The SCORE Association, a resource partner of the Small Business Administration (SBA), is a national not-for-profit organization with 320+ chapters and 11,000+ volunteer mentors throughout the United States. SCORE volunteer mentors are successful current and former executives and business owners representing many skill areas and industries. They can help you with questions like: How do I start a business? Where can I obtain funding for my business? How can I grow my existing business? How can I manage my cash flow? How can I use social media in my marketing efforts?

SCORE mentors work with you one on one to help you with your business challenges,  advising clients about options for loans and other types of business financing. SCORE and the SBA do not provide financing directly, but often they can help point you in the right direction in where to look.

Free mentoring is now available by appointment  at Mount Prospect Public Library the first and third Wednesdays of every month. You can find more information and register for a mentoring session here at MPPL at Just search using the MP zip code 60056. Feel free to contact Business Reference Librarian Joe Collier with any questions!


Local Charities


Looking to donate to a deserving cause this holiday season?

Here are some local options to consider this season:

New and Forthcoming Nonfiction Titles – December 2016

New Books

Almost everyday new books arrive at the Library to be processed and then placed on the shelf or in your hands. Take a look at some of the books that have arrived most recently at the Library. Ask for more titles at the Research Services Desk!

Newly Arrived Nonfiction:

Cover of Love Warrior

Love Warrior

by Glennon Doyle Melton
A new memoir by the New York Times bestselling author, speaker, philanthropist, and activist traces the author’s journey of self-discovery after the dissolution of her marriage, revealing how she found healing by rejecting gender standards and refusing to settle for a “good-enough” life.

Cover of In the Company of Women

In the Company of Women

by Grace Bonney
Across the globe, women are embracing their entrepreneurial spirits and starting creative businesses. In the Company of Women profiles over 100 of these influential and creative women from all ages, races, backgrounds, and industries.

Cover of Accepted


by Pat Patterson
The WWE Hall of Famer describes how he was rejected by his family for his sexual orientation and moved to the United States in the 1960s, where, in spite of language and discriminatory challenges, he applied his creative and athletic talents to climb to the upper ranks of sports entertainment.

Cover of Einstein's Masterwork

Einstein’s Masterwork

by John Gribbin
An astrophysicist discusses the origins of Einstein’s General Theory to share insights into the scientist and man against a backdrop of history, detailing the paradigm-shifting relevance of an achievement that was overshadowed by his more famous theories.

Cover of The Homebrewer's Almanac

The Homebrewer’s Almanac

by Marika Josephson, Aaron Kleidon, & Ryan Tockstein
A practical guide for those who are interested in incorporating fresh and foraged ingredients into their beer, written by the brewers of one of the country’s hottest new breweries.

Cover of 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America

9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America

by Brion McClanahan
Of the forty-four presidents who have led the United States, nine made mistakes that permanently scarred the nation. Which nine? McClanahan will surprise readers with his list, which he supports with exhaustive and entertaining evidence.

Forthcoming Titles:

Cover of Not Just Evil

Not Just Evil

by David Wilson
This searing true crime narrative captures all of the courtroom drama of California’s first insanity plea, sparked by a crime that horrified the nation and a trial that transfixed it, putting Hollywood’s influential young movie industry on the stand for one deranged man’s murder of a young girl.

Cover of Awkward


by Ty Tashiro
Interweaving the latest research with personal tales and real world examples, Awkward offers reassurance and provides valuable insights into how we can embrace our personal quirks and unique talents to harness our awesome potential—and more comfortably navigate our complex world.

Cover of The Art of Invisibility

The Art of Invisibility

by Kevin Mitnick
The author provides both online and real life tactics and inexpensive methods to protect you and your family in the age of Big Brother and Big Data in easy step-by-step instructions. He also talks about more advanced “elite” techniques, which, if used properly, can maximize your privacy.

Cover of The Inkblots

The Inkblots

by Damion Searls
Documents the lesser-known story of the creator of the psychological test developed to reveal key aspects of human personality, sharing insights into how his inkblots were carefully designed and rose to prominence after his early death.

Cover of No One Cares About Crazy People

No One Cares About Crazy People

by Ron Powers
A blend of history, biography, memoir, and current affairs ending with a consideration of where we might go from here, this is a thought-provoking look at schizophrenia, a dreaded illness that has long been misunderstood, paired with the deeply personal story of the author’s two sons’ battles with the illness.

Cover of "All the Real Indians Died Off"

“All the Real Indians Died Off”

by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz & Dina Gilio-Whitaker
A critical deconstruction of persistent myths about American Indians that have taken hold in the United States. The authors tackle a wide range of myths about Native American culture and history and trace how they developed.

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Consumer Reports 2016 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!

Access free through our website with your Library card and PIN because they have just released their 2016 gift guide. Find the best gadgets for the chef in your life. Find out why you should buy an organic turkey this festive season. Discover how to be a winner on Black Friday. There are many articles, some with intriguing titles such as “Nothing Says You Care Like a Home Blood Pressure Monitor” and “Why Tires Go Flat in Winter.” Lots of interesting stuff!

Celebrating Veterans Day

Veterans Day, originally known as Armistice Day, was first set as a U.S. legal holiday to recognize the end of World War I.  This “armistice” took place on November 11, 1918.  In 1938 legislation was past to formally dedicate November 11 to the “cause of world peace.”  With the urging of veterans organizations, the U.S. Congress amended the Act of 1938, replacing “Armistice” with the word “Veterans.”  On June 1, 1954, November 11 became a day to honor all American veterans.  In 1968 Veterans Day was moved to the fourth Monday of October.  This move was highly unpopular so in 1975 the annual observance of Veterans Day was moved again to November 11.  A more complete history of this holiday can be found here at the website of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Many Mount Prospect natives have served in the military over the past 100 years.  There are some artifacts of this service in the online collection Dimensions of Life in Mount Prospect.  Among them are a World War I gas mask, a World War I uniform jacket and helmet, and the stole of a local World War II chaplain. 

On November 11 of this year, Mount Prospect will honor veterans in a free program to be held at Lions Park Recreation Center beginning at 10:30 AM.

New and Forthcoming Nonfiction Titles – November 2016

New Books

Almost everyday new books arrive at the Library to be processed and then placed on the shelf or in your hands. Take a look at some of the books that have arrived most recently at the Library. Ask for more titles at the Research Services Desk!

Newly Arrived Nonfiction:

Cover of Power Your Happy

Power Your Happy

by Lisa Sugar
The debut book of digital media mogul Sugar ( is one-part memoir, one-part guide to life, documenting her rise to success by turning her passions into an empire. Reading more like a blog than a book, the material addresses topics such as finding your passion, work, love, friendships, health, and beauty.

Cover of Elvis's Army

Elvis’s Army

by Brian McAllister Linn
When the U.S. Army drafted Elvis Presley in 1958, it quickly set about transforming the King of Rock and Roll from a rebellious teen idol into a clean-cut GI. Trading in his gold-trimmed jacket for standard-issue fatigues, Elvis became a model soldier in an army facing the unprecedented challenge of building a fighting force for the Atomic Age.

Cover of True Beer

True Beer

by Timothy Sprinkle
An on-the-ground look at the ultra-small side of the craft brewing movement from the inside out, with profiles of a number of independent breweries which examine the art and science of brewing, the local farmers and providers behind the scenes, the market itself, as well as national trends in nanobrewing and modern craft beer production.

Cover of Shoe Dog

Shoe Dog

by Phil Knight
Nike founder and board chairman Phil Knight offers a rare and revealing look at the notoriously media-shy man behind the swoosh, opening up about his company’s early days as an intrepid start-up and its evolution into one of the world’s most iconic, game-changing, and profitable brands.

Cover of The Tao of Bill Murray

The Tao of Bill Murray

by Gavin Edwards
This collection of the most epic, hilarious, and strange Bill Murray stories from the past four decades spotlights the star’s extraordinary ability to infuse the everyday with surprise, absurdity, and wonder.

Cover of All Strangers are Kin

All Strangers are Kin

by Zora O’Neill
A travel and food writer describes her experiences trying to learn Arabic and details the relationship between culture and communication as she explores Egypt, the UAE, Lebanon and Morocco, skipping the standard tourist track and instead visiting families and local hotspots.

Forthcoming Titles:

Cover of Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

by Tony Bennett
A tribute to the people, places and things that have inspired the 90-year-old music artist’s career reflects on the family members and fellow artists who have shaped his prodigious achievements, sharing valuable life lessons and personal reflections on the creative process, humanity and other subjects.

Cover of But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan!

But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan!

by Kristi Turner
Being the only vegan in a family of omnivores can cause a lot anxiety at dinnertime—but it doesn’t have to. If your kids think vegan food is weird, or your mom doesn’t understand where you’ll get your protein, Kristy Turner is here to deliver a convincing solution with 125 vegan recipes that will leave even the most skeptical non-vegans begging for more.

Cover of Win at Losing

Win at Losing

by Sam Weinman
An award-winning sports journalist describes how he realized the shortcomings of today’s winning-obsessed culture when he tried to parent his sons through life’s inevitable setbacks, a challenge that prompted his interviews with experts in a range of fields to explore the fear of failure and how setbacks can be used productively.

Cover of The Platinum Age of Television

The Platinum Age of Television

by David Bianculli
An in-depth examination of the history of television traces the evolution of shows through classic TV genres, including the sitcom, the crime show, the miniseries, the soap opera, the western, the animated series and the late night talk show.

Cover of Entanglement


by Emma Tarlo
When it’s not attached to your head, your very own hair takes on a disconcerting quality. Examining the preoccupations and requirements of different cultural groups, anthropologist Emma Tarlo unveils the secret global journeys of hair—the wide range of meanings hair has for us and the clashes that can occur when different hair worlds collide.

Cover of Buffering


by Hannah Hart
In her debut memoir, comedian Hart, host of the YouTube show My Drunk Kitchen, delves deep into her past, sharing her experiences with family, mental illness, sexuality, friendship, and love.

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