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Maker Monday: Four Ways to Paint Without a Paintbrush

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  • something to cover the table, like newspaper
  • paper to paint on
  • 4 items to paint with: Q-tip, straw, popsicle stick, something to use as a stamp
  • paper plate or bowl
  • washable paint
  • Steps:         
  • 1. Use a Q-tip to dip in the paint and make dots on the paper.        
  • 2. Use an item as a stamp. Dip it in the paint and stamp it onto the paper.        
  • 3. To paint with a straw, squirt some paint on the paper, and roll the straw over the paint to spread it out in different directions.
  • 4. Dip a popsicle stick into the paint and draw designs on the paper.
Miss Amy and her painting

Among the many benefits of painting are the chance it gives you to express your emotions. Painting can help you communicate feelings through the use of different colors and movements with whatever you are painting with. Try putting on some music while you paint and let it inspire you!

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