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Creepy Carrots! By Aaron Reynolds

Cover image for Creepy carrots!Jasper Rabbit took the best carrots from Crackenhopper Field every time he passed by. That is until he thought he was being followed by the CREEPY CARROTS! Or so he thought. Will he be able to stop them?


Almost Home by Joan Bauer

Cover image for Almost homeTalk about a challenging life. Sugar has a deadbeat dad, a mom with emotional issues and they lose their house. You would think that would make this sixth grader very negative and troubled. Not Sugar (that is her name :)) She rises above it all with the help of a puppy, poetry and a few people who take the time out to build into her life. This is a really good book!


If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson

Cover image for If you plant a seedThe illustrations are AMAZING in this sweet story of two animal friends who are planting and caring for seeds and then decide to share with others. The book also talks about what you reap if you sow seeds of kindness versus seeds of selfishness.


Viva Frida by Yuyi Morales

Cover image for Viva FridaEver wish you could see inside the mind of an artist? Award winning author and illustrator, Yuyi Morales does just that with her book Viva Frida. Photographs and illustrations rich with texture and details take readers into the imagination of Frida Kahlo. Simple text floats on the pages in English and Spanish giving you a glimpse of her creativity and dreams. This book is a fantastic introduction to the artist and will definitely inspire further investigation into the life and art of Frida Kahlo.

Book reviewed by Youth Services Intern.