Staff Picks 4 Kids Category: Picture Books

Prudence Wants a Pet by Cathleen Daly

Cover image for Prudence wants a petEvery child wants a pet and Prudence is no different.  Her parents keep telling her she cannot have one so she tries to make do with a twig, shoe, tire and other various items to substitute as a pet.  Read to find out if she finally gets a real pet!


That Is Not a Good Idea! By Mo Willems

Cover image for That is not a good idea!The style of this book reminds me of an old silent movie.  A hungry fox meets a lovely duck and convinces her to take a walk with her.  Each invitation takes them farther into the woods and closer to her being eaten. Little chicks in the pictures cry out at each invitation that it is “Not a Good Idea!”  You will be surprised by the ending.


Kate & Pippin by Martin Springett

Cover image for Kate & Pippin : an unlikely love storyWho doesn’t love a good unlikely animal friends story? Kate & Pippin by Martin Springett is a true story, complete with adorable photographs! Kate is a Great Dane. When a fawn who has been abandoned by her mother wanders onto Kate’s farm, she cares for her. Though Pippin can’t stay with Kate forever, they will always have a bond. This early reader nonfiction is perfect for 1st graders.

Book reviewed by Erin E., Youth Services Programming Coordinator

Me…Jane by Patrick McDonnell

Cover image for Me-- JaneThis author/illustrator also writes the MUTTS comic strip.  The book is about a little girl named Jane who loves nature.  She has a stuffed chimpanzee named Jubilee. Every day, she enjoys finding out about the animals around her and dreams of one day going to Africa to study and help animals.  At the end of the book we find out it is a book about Jane Goodall. There is some biographical information on her life at the end of the book and a message from Jane to the readers as well. I love the illustrations!


Creepy Carrots! By Aaron Reynolds

Cover image for Creepy carrots!Jasper Rabbit took the best carrots from Crackenhopper Field every time he passed by. That is until he thought he was being followed by the CREEPY CARROTS! Or so he thought. Will he be able to stop them?