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Time to Start Vegetable Gardening

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Page 3 | royalty free plant nursery photos free download | PiqselsNow that we are past the Vernal equinox, the sun is stronger and it’s time to start planting/planning for the 2020 growing season.
If you have pepper, tomato, eggplant or basil seeds, you should be starting them now to transplant outside in 6-8 weeks.
Plant them in small containers/flats, a few seeds in each container/cell filled with potting soil or seed germination mix.
Put them in a sunny, warm spot (or under lights on a heat mat), keep them moist and wait for them to germinate.
After the seedlings sprout their first true leaves, transplant/thin them to one seedling per container/cell.

Lettuce, peas, kale, chard/beets, carrots and other cold weather vegetables can start to be planted in outdoor beds. A low tunnel can expedite germination and keep insects from your seedlings.

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