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Kale and Lettuce Seedlings

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Kale, lettuce and other greens can be started inside and, for some, a preferred method of planting these cool weather vegetables as opposed to direct seeding outside.

kale seedsPlanting these smaller seeds in a controlled environment is the best method to ensure strong seedlings. Direct seeded vegetables, especially cool weather ones, have more unreliable germination rates due to variable weather conditions and animals, i.e. birds and squirrels. But starting seeds inside is more labor intensive as containers need to be filled with growing medium, seeds need to be planted, seedlings need to be thinned/transplanted and hardened off before planting outside in the garden. With direct seeding, you plant the seeds and then wait and hope you get some germination.

kale and lettuceThese kale and lettuce seedlings under grow lights were started about March 27 and have just been transplanted to larger containers. When temperatures start staying in the 40’s at night, they will go outside to be hardened off and acclimated to the outside conditions. After about a week or so they can be planted in the garden.

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