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DIY Research: Health Information

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As anyone who has ever googled their symptoms can tell you, there is no shortage of medical information available on the internet. However, good sources with clear, authoritative information can be difficult to find among the search results. As with all information found online, medical information should be approached with a critical eye.  

The Research Desk gets many requests from patrons looking for health information. Below are some trusted resources for evidence-based health information. All of these resources are government-funded websites, so they do not contain any ads or commercial content. 

With general health questions, from the National Library of Medicine is a great place to start. Consult MedlinePlus for information about a diagnosis, upcoming test or screening, drugs and supplements, genetics, and variety of general health topics. The site is also available in Spanish

Drug information is compiled by the National Library of Medicine on the Drug Information Portal. Find detailed information about drug uses, common names, potential side effects, effects on breastfeeding, and more. presents information from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion from the Department of Health and Human Services about health and wellness. The site includes helpful fact sheets and evidence-based information on preventative care. 

Health Information from the National Institutes of Health features well-organized and research information on a variety of health and wellness topics. is a database about privately and publicly funded clinical trials. 

With questions about accessing any of these resources, please contact the Research Desk to request a reference appointment.    

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