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asparagus on a wooden cutting boardAsparagus is one of the earliest spring perennial vegetables–after it is established in the garden, it will yield edible spears year-after-year.

Now is a good time to plant asparagus crowns.asparagus crowns

Asparagus should be planted in a location with lots of sun in fertile well-drained soil. Asparagus needs to mature up to 3 years before spears can be harvested regularly.

Once established, asparagus will produce spears for up to 8 weeks starting in April. A bed of asparagus, if well-tended, can last 20-30 years!

Unfurling asparagus spear: Unfurling asparagus spearThese asparagus spears have been grown from asparagus crowns planted on April 1, 2017. This is the first year they will be harvested:asparagus spears popping out of the ground

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