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Asclepias Tuberosa aka Butterfly Weed

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One beneficial perennial plant that every home gardener should consider growing is Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa). Besides being a native Illinois plant, Butterfly Weed  provides larval food for Monarchs and its nectar is enjoyed by honeybees other species of butterflies as well.

asclepias tuberosa plant (aka butterfly weed)
Asclepias Tuberosa buds before flowering

On top of all that, Butterfly Weed (also called milkweed, a term applied to all Asclepias species) is attractive in the garden and is easy to grow if it is planted in the right spot. It likes lots of sun and drier soil conditions, and like many natives, it is drought resistant. Butterfly Weed emerges later in the spring, so gardeners should be careful when doing early clean-ups in the garden so as to not disturb its seasonal development.

Check out this 2017 informative article from the Illinois Extension: Butterfly Weed – Perennial Plant of the Year.

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