Snow Peas and Radishes

Living here in the Midwest, an April day can be sunny and warm or cloudy and snowy–we have experienced lots of extremes in the past few weeks!

But regardless of what’s going on outside, you can start to get cool weather vegetable seeds in the ground. snow peasSnow peas, radishes, greens, and lettuce can all be seeded now. If the temperatures remain cool, germination will take longer but the cooler temps will not harm the seeds. And what do you have to lose? A few seeds and some of your time–you can always replant later.

These germinating snow peas were planted on April 3: snow pea seedlings

The snow peas will be ready to harvest by early June.

And these radish seedlings were planted on April  5:radish seedlings

The radishes will be ready to eat in mid/late May.

The sooner you get planting, the sooner you will have the most locally grown produce possible!

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