Month: May 2020

Notes from Story Time Blog

Bedtime With Miss Amy

Make reading a habit by including it as part of your child’s bedtime routine. It’s fun, relaxing, and educational.



Check out Bookflix, our fun new resource that pairs a favorite storybook with a nonfiction title to introduce children to the delights of reading while sparking curiosity and wonder. For example, you can read Bear Snores On and then learn about real bears. Click here to access Bookflix using your Mount Prospect Library card. (The web resources are listed alphabetically, so scroll down to the B section to find Bookflix.)


Make a Rhyming Box

Did you know that rhyming is one indication of how easily a child will learn to read? Rhyming helps children recognize shared letter sequences, such as –at in cat, rat, and bat, which will help children sound out words when they begin to read. Most children love hearing rhymes and participating in rhyming activities. Here is a simple one you can do at home. Have your child decorate an old box. Hide some easily rhymable objects inside, such as a dog or hat. Have your child reach inside the box and pull out an object. See how many words they can think of that rhyme with that object.

child playing

Looking for Good Books?

Looking for new books for kids? Book a one-on-one Zoom call with a Youth Services staff member to talk about favorites plus learn fantastic new titles. To register, look for “Book Me for Kids’ Reading Recommendations” options on our calendar: #MPPLreads

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