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Winter Reading Badges

Look at all those badges! Monty the Mount Prospect Duck has been busy reading and doing activities for Winter Reading. You have until February 28 to try to earn as many (or more) badges than Monty!

Monty the MPPL duck with his winter reading badges

Which ones are your favorites?

attend a virtual event

Attend a virtual event

stack of books

Chill out & read

Listen to a story

Listen to a story

island with palm trees

Warm up with reading

people doing yoga

Let’s get moving


Get cozy

Reading takes you places

Reading takes you places




Find a good book

Happy Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, Seollal, Tết, or the Spring Festival, is a holiday celebrated in many east Asian countries, as well as in the United States. According to the lunar calendar, a year is the amount of time it takes the moon to go around the Earth 12 times. The Lantern Festival is the last day of celebrations.  

lunar new year decorations

Lanterns are a way to make wishes for good luck, happiness, and fortune in the coming year. You can also write a riddle on your lantern to see who will guess the right answer.  


  • 1 sheet of red paper 
  • 1 sheet of yellow paper 
  • 1 strip of red paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue, tape, or stapler 


  1. Take your red paper and fold it in half along the long side. 
  1. Cut from the fold to about one-half inch from the edge of the paper.  
cutting slits in paper
  1. Keep cutting along the fold to make strips. Remember to LEAVE ½ INCH AT THE EDGE OF THE PAPER. This way, your paper will still be attached on the top and bottom. 
  1. Open up the paper and bring the ends together to make a circle with the top and bottom. The middle will fold out into a lantern shape. You can glue, staple, or tape the edges. Double sided tape is easiest if using tape. 
folding paper into lantern
  1. Use the strip of paper to make the handle. Attach the handle with tape, glue, or staples.  
  1. If you would like, you can put a liner inside your lantern. Form the yellow paper into a tube, and then tape the red lantern over the top of it. It looks a little like there is a light glowing inside. 
  1. Since you want the outside part to bow out a little, you’ll tape the bottom a little higher on the tube. You can cut off the bottom of the tube if you want your lantern to sit on a surface. Or, you can cut it into fringes. 
final paper lantern

Idea from: 

To learn more about Lunar New Year, check out one of these books from the library: Celebrate the Lunar and Chinese New Year

Maker Monday: DIY Eco-Friendly Confetti

This activity is a great way to create confetti for your New or “Noon” Year’s Eve. 

homemade confetti made with colored paper and a hole puncher
Image by Penny Whitehouse

What you need:

  • Lots of colorful leaves
  • Hole punch

Then, make the confetti by using the hole punch to punch out pieces of the leaves.

For other eco-friendly activities and crafts, check out these books: 

Make a Holiday Card for Alden Gardens

crafting with colored paper, colored pencils, scissors and more

Help brighten the holidays for seniors by sending a handcrafted holiday card. The Mount Prospect Public Library has partnered with Alden Gardens in Des Plaines to send holiday cards to their residents. All you need to do is have your child create a card using any art supplies you have at home, making it as simple or as elaborate as they want. 

  • Then, send the cards to Alden Gardens: 
  • Alden Gardens 
  • Attn: Candice Mitchell, Activity Director 
  • 1221 E. Golf Road 
  • Des Plaines, IL 60016 
  • Write “MPPL Card Activity” on the front of the envelope. 
  • Cards will be held until safe to distribute. 

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest and elsewhere – here are some of our faves using supplies most of us already have!!! 

Simple Christmas Cards Kids Can Make

Tinkerlabs Cards for Kids to Make 

Good Housekeeping DIY cards 

If you would like service credit for this project, please contact the Volunteen Coordinators, Claire ( or Amy (