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Drop In for Newly Added Teen Programs

Many of you told us that you are trying to finish the Summer Reading Program, but the program you wanted to attend was full! We love seeing so many teens in the library — but we want you to get your prizes, too! So, we added a bunch of new programs to the Teen Programs Calendar.

You’ll find TeenSpace Crafternoons (drop-in craft projects in — you guessed it — the afternoon) on July 17, 26, and 28. Unleash your inner maker for button making, duct tape projects, friendship bracelets and more.

Join us July 18 at 2:30 p.m. for Tabletop Games to play Exploding Kittens, Catan, King of Tokyo, or one of our other awesome games.

And on the evening of Thursday, July 27, 5 o’clock is movie time! Bring a friend and join us in the TeenSpace for Moana (featuring songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind Hamilton).

We can’t wait to see you — come on in!

School Summer Reading Books

If you are looking for your school’s required summer reading book, please stop by the second floor of the library and we can help you. We have the lists for almost every area school, and the books as well. Stop by and check out the display on the second floor with your summer reading books!


#SHOUTOUT – Teen Reading Program Step 2

Each week we’ll have a new #SHOUTOUT topic for you to share on social media. If you’re on social media, post your response, plus #SHOUTOUT #MPPLteens2017

If you’re not on social media just stop by the library and we will get you a paper slip to complete. You may also email your entry to teenmail@mppl.org

You can do each #SHOUTOUT one time, up to eight in all, if you chose.

Week 1 Write a 6-word book review. Exp: Through it all, Ponyboy stays gold. (The Outsiders)
Week 2 Describe yourself with 3 fictional characters. Exp:





Week 3 Explain a book plot badly. Exp: A spider keeps a farmer from eating bacon (Charlotte’s Web)
Week 4 Book spine poetry. Exp:





Week 5 Book/Character Playlist. Exp: “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who, “Stayin’ Alive” by The BeeGees (Voldemort)
Week 6 Emoji Book Translation
. Exp (for The Hunger Games):




Week 7 Booksnacks. Exp: Harry Potstickers
Week 8 BookFace
. Exp:


Summer Reading Has Begun!

Weekly prize drawings, free 3D printing, the opportunity to win a raspberry pi computer or a whole bunch of art supplies — must be Summer Reading!!

Stop by the library to register and get started!  From June 1 to July 31 read three books, create one #shoutout and attend one library program for your chance to win a grand prize and weekly prizes. Our reading program this year is Reading By Design, so grab your hardhat and slide rule* and stop by the second floor!

*Actual hardhat and slide rule not required

It’s Time for Exam Cram!!

Yep, finals can be grueling, but our job here is to make the studying part…

…as fun as possible!  Join us in the Teen Space June 6, 7 and 8 from 3 – 10 PM and we’ll provide healthy snacks, school supplies, and de-stressing activities (bubble wrap, anyone?) Extra special events include:


Wednesday, June 7 from 5 – 7PM = 10 minute slots of relaxing nature environments on the PlayStation VR

Thursday, June 8 from 6 – 7 = Therapy Dogs from Rainbow Assisted Therapy

And if you’re studying from home, check out some study-enhancing soundtracks on Hoopla.


May Is Mystery Month…

We’ve had a lot of dark and stormy nights recently, which is the perfect atmosphere for Mystery Month! Why not curl up by that rain-spattered, lightening-illuminated window with a great mystery inspired by the master detective Sherlock Holmes?

A Study in Charlotte book coverWhen their classmate dies and the circumstances seem too suspicious to be causally dismissed, the descendants of Sherlock Holmes and and John Watson join together to solve the mystery. Step into their Connecticut boarding school and let Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes take you on a suspenseful, hair-raising, and at times amusing adventure in Brittany Cavallaro’s A Study in Charlotte.



Down the Rabbit Hole book coverA typical small town teen finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of crime and detective work in Peter Abrahams modern day caper Down the Rabbit Hole. Between soccer, play practice, middle school and family life, Ingrid Levin-Hill must channel the cunning and quick-witted problem solving skills of her hero, Sherlock Holmes.



Lock and Mori book coverWhat happens when you combine teens, mysteries, secrets and passions? Well if you’re the competitive and brilliant English teens Lock and Mori, you make a shaky pact to see who can solve the crime first, promise to share all the clues with each other, and end up not knowing who you can trust.



In 1868 Sherlock Holmes wasn’t a famous detective, in fact he was just an ordinary teenage boy spending a summer with his aunt and uncle. But when an ordinary boy with an extraordinary intellect and a tendency for finding clues finds a dead body and some sinister people, the hero of 221b Baker Street must solve the mystery or risk losing his own life. Meet the young Holmes in Andy Lane’s Death Cloud.



Jackaby book coverTake a detective named R. F. Jackaby who has all the brains and analytical powers of Sherlock Holmes, add a female sidekick named Abigail Rook who has all the wit and wisdom of Dr. Watson, throw in a solid dose of the paranormal, and you’ll get a strong resemblance to the original super sleuthing duo in William Ritter’s Jackaby. Check out this page turner as Jackaby and Rook hunt for a serial killer on the loose in 1892 New England.

#BookfaceFriday and Teen Advisory Board

It’s #bookfaceFriday, and new Teen Librarians Evan and Andrea are getting in on the act!

Name: Evan M.

Currently reading: Just finished March, vol. 3 by John Lewis, now diving in to Scythe by Neil Schusterman.

Likes: Movies, cats, comics, discovering something new to love, multi-sided dice, and the smell of wood smoke.

Dislikes: Bullies, tangled earbuds

Superpower: Research ninja


Name: Andrea J.

Currently Reading: City of Saints and Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson.

Currently Listening: Undisclosed podcast, season 2.

Likes: Science fiction, mac & cheese, the color green, and board games.

Dislikes: Soft drinks, judgy people

Superpower: Amazing Nerd Powers


Join us for the Teen Advisory Board meeting on Monday, February 27 at 4:30 p.m. to say hi and have some fun!

TAB Picks!


hive legend  Stormbreaker  eye-of-minds  enders-game  5th Wave

H.I.V.E. series by Mark Walden

Legend series by Marie Lu

Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz

Mortality Doctrine series by James Dashner

Ender Saga series by Orson Scott Card

The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey



pacificrim interstellar  timeless  babydaddy  younghungry   malcolmmiddle

Pacific Rim



Baby Daddy

Young and Hungry

Malcolm in the Middle






Uncharted 3






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