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Staff Picks 4 Kids

Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett

syndetics-lcI love Emily Gravett’s newest book, Monkey and Me, just as much as I did Wolves and Orange Pear Apple Bear, because the little girl and all the animals seem to bounce right off the page.  “Monkey and me, monkey and me, monkey and me, we went to see…”  What animal could it be?  Look at the pictures and see if you can you guess!

Book read by Erin E., Youth Programming Coordinator

By MPPL on September 7, 2008 Categories: Picks by Erin E., Picture Books

Learning to Fly by Sebastian Meschenmoser

syndetics-lc Learning to Fly by Sebastian Meschenmoser is a story about a penguin who wants to fly like the other birds.  He makes his way through the skies until someone tells him that penguins can’t fly. The penguin and a man spend a lot of time thinking up ideas to get him back into the air.  He studies how to fly, practices exercising, and invents a lot of ways to be like his feathered friends.  See what happens when you believe in yourself!

Book read by Darice C., Library Assistant

By MPPL on August 5, 2008 Categories: Picks by Darice C., Picture Books

A Horse in the House by Gail Ablow

syndetics-lc Gail Ablow tells a lot of wacky stories in A Horse in the House and Other Strange but True Animal Stories.  The horse from the title is a pet and kept in an apartment in India!  Another story from India is about a cow that ate 1,722 diamonds hidden in a haystack! The gems are actually stuck in the cow and the owner is going to wait until the cow dies a natural death before getting them out. Then there’s the story of some crooks who are fooled by a parrot that says, “Stop or I’ll shoot!”   This book will leave you laughing.

By MPPL on July 1, 2008 Categories: Funny, Non-fiction, Picture Books

The Buffalo Storm by Katherine Applegate

syndetics-lcI read The Buffalo Storm by Katherine Applegate.  Ever wonder what it was like for kids to live during Westward Expansion? One girl is moving with her family to Oregon in a covered wagon. She is unsure about leaving her grandmother behind, but feels better when she is able to share a memory that her grandmother had of the buffalo stampeding. She helps her dad to build their new house and to welcome the new baby to their family.

Read by Anne W., Youth Library Assistant

By MPPL on June 18, 2008 Categories: For Grades 2-4, Picks by Anne W., Picture Books

Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf by Judy Sierra

syndetics-lc Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf by Judy Sierra is a clever book about manners.  The characters are from fairytales and the setting is the library!  B.B. Wolf gets invited to the Annual Storytime Tea at the Library.  Crocodile encourages him to go and consults a book on etiquette to help him get ready.  While at the tea, B.B. Wolf forgets what he is supposed to say if he burps and quickly consults the computer catalogue, types in the word E-T-I-Q-U-E-T-T-E, finds the book and looks through the pages to find the magic words, “Excuse me.” It is fun to look at the illustrations and see references to other fairytale characters.

Book reviewed by Barb M., Youth Programming Assistant

By MPPL on April 22, 2008 Categories: Picks by Barb M., Picture Books

The OK Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Litchenheld

syndetics-lcDoes it seem like you try to do a lot of different things but can’t seem to do all of them very well? You can swim, but you are not the best. Maybe you play baseball, but not really well. Perhaps you can flip pancakes, catch bugs, even blow bubbles with juicy bubblegum, but still need a lot more practice. Well, I think that The OK Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is just the book for you !  This is a simple yet clever picture book that teaches that we all are OK at a lot of things, and that it’s OK to not be perfect.  Just have fun doing whatever you do, and keep on trying your very best.  One day you will see that you are amazingly good at something, and it’s good to be OK at just about everything else.

Book reviewed by Darice C., Library Assistant

By MPPL on March 4, 2008 Categories: Picks by Darice C., Picture Books

Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann

syndetics-lcIt’s that time of the year again, isn’t it? Time for New Year’s Resolutions, like cleaning out the dust bunnies from under the bed or spending more time with your baby brother or sister.  What about a resolution about not eating so many pink frosted cupcakes? In Pinkalicious, Victoria Kann writes about a little girl who should have made just such a resolution. She eats so many cupcakes that she turns PINK.  This book is funny because we all sneak in one more cookie or snack than we should.  At first the girl is cool with being pink but after she turns bright red she’s not so enthused.  I think the author comes up with creative consequences.  I enjoyed the illustrations and sparkly cover too.
By MPPL on December 31, 2007 Categories: Picture Books

Courage of the Blue Boy by Robert Neubecker

syndetics-lcDo you like the color blue?  I do, even if it isn’t my favorite color, which is green.  There’s plenty of blue in the picture book Courage of the Blue Boy by Robert Neubecker.  Blue is a blue boy who lives in a blue land where everything is blue.  He imagines there must be more out there, and sets off to find all the colors of the world.  He finds a yellow land, a purple village, and a red town, but he keeps thinking there must be more.  Finally he finds a multi-colored city and moves right in.  He happily takes in all of the wonderful colors until one day he notices something strange.  There is no blue in the city!  Blue becomes scared of the city and locks himself up in his room.  Feeling safe (and bored) inside his room, Blue comes up with an idea that will change himself and the city.

Book reviewed by Erin E., Youth Programming Coordinator

By MPPL on December 14, 2007 Categories: Picks by Erin E., Picture Books

Cowlick by Christin Ditchfield

syndetics-lc Cowlick! by Christin Ditchfield is a hilarious story in rhyme explaining one person’s theory on how children get cowlicks.  For those of you who don’t know, a cowlick is a name for an area of hair on someone’s head that tends to stick up or look all crazy, sometimes defying the laws of gravity.  Some people often find they have cowlicks after they wake up and can never figure out why.  Well, ask no more because this book explains that while you are sleeping, cows sneak in and lick your head, causing your hair to end up in all sorts of positions.  The pictures are funny and the cover even looks like a cow has taken a big lick on the book itself.  I hope you laugh as much reading this book as I did. And I also hope you don’t wake up to find cows in your bedroom!!


By MPPL on October 23, 2007 Categories: Funny, Picture Books

Ginger and Petunia by Patricia Polacco

syndetics-lcPatricia Polacco, author of dozens of children’s picture books, often bases her stories on events in her own life.  She uses the life of a friend in her latest book, Ginger and Petunia.  Ginger is a an elegant woman, and Petunia is her pet pig.  When the pig is left alone one day, it puts on Ginger’s clothes and make-up, accidentally discovers a forgery in a museum, goes out to parties, and dances the tango.  The funny thing is, nobody even knows the difference!  This is a cute, funny picture book for kids ages 6 to 8.

Submitted by Barb M., Youth Programming Assistant

By MPPL on September 24, 2007 Categories: Picks by Barb M., Picture Books