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Staff Picks 4 Kids

Mucumber McGee and the Lunch Lady’s Liver by Patrick Loehr

Mucumber McGee and the Lunch Lady's Liver Mucumber McGee arrived late to lunch and the only thing left is the lunch lady’s liver cake!!!  This liver cake left Mucumber unpleased because it looked like an, “old bowling shoe and smelled like rotten cheese!” Will Mucumber dare to take a bite? If he does will his taste buds delight??  Picky eaters may think twice about liver as they gobble up this great picture book, Mucumber McGee and the Lunch Lady’s Liver by Patrick Loehr!

By MPPL on July 20, 2009 Categories: For Grades 2-4, Funny, Picture Books

Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly by Alan Madison

syndetics-lcThe teachers in Velma’s school remember her two older sisters for different reasons, so Velma tried doing things so that her teacher and principal would always remember her, too.  But nothing worked—until the day the class went to the Butterfly Conservatory.  In Velma Gratch & the Way Cool Butterfly by

Alan Madison and Kevin Hawkes, something so special happened to Velma that her teacher, the principal, AND the whole school will always remember her! 

Book reviewed by Mary Lou H., Youth Assistant

By MPPL on May 26, 2009 Categories: Picks by Mary Lou H., Picture Books

Where is the Cake? by T.T. Khing

syndetics-lcI’m hungry! Now where did that silly cake go to? Where Is the Cake? by T.T. Khing is a simple, wordless look-and-find adventure book even preschoolers will enjoy. Hey older kids, there’s so much going on behind the scenes of the cake adventure to discover, you’ll be flipping back to see what you missed! By the way, when you find that cake could you let me know? I’m still hungry…

By MPPL on April 13, 2009 Categories: For Grades 2-4, Non-fiction, Picture Books

The Littlest Dinosaur by Michael Foreman

syndetics-lcI enjoyed reading The Littlest Dinosaur by Michael Foreman.  In this sweet story about a dinosaur who never grew any bigger than a bug, the Littlest Dinosaur learned that he could be brave.  Always afraid that he would be stepped on if he played with the other dinosaurs in the mud, he only watched the fun. He learned that the great big dinosaur never came to play either because he thought of himself as too big and clumsy. When the two of them had to figure out a way to rescue all the others from a sticky situation, they both began to see themselves in a new way–and each other as friends.

Book read by Jan P., Preschool/Childcare Outreach Liason

By MPPL on March 23, 2009 Categories: Picks by Jan P., Picture Books

Wild Boars Cook by Meg Rosoff

syndetics-lcJoin Boris, Morris, Horace and Doris, four VERY hungry wild boars in Meg Rosoff’s silly new tale, Wild Boars Cook.  How could the four wild boars quench their hunger? Morris was so hungry he could have eaten, “pineapple upside down cake, ten pickles and a boot!” Doris comes upon a recipe to make a “Massive Pudding!” Find out what happens when the wild boars try and make the “biggest, messiest, stickiest, gooiest, chewiest, most delicious,” pudding ever by checking out this title today!

By MPPL on March 16, 2009 Categories: Picture Books

The Sandman by Ralph Fletcher

syndetics-lcIf you have ever wondered how the sandman got his sleeping dust then you will want to read the book, The Sandman by Ralph Fletcher.  I love the pictures, especially the full page spread of the dragon! Oops, I don’t want to give away the story…you will just have to read it. 

Book read by Barb M., Youth Library Assistant

By MPPL on March 9, 2009 Categories: Picks by Barb M., Picture Books

Butterflies in My Stomach and Other School Hazards by Serge Bloch


syndetics-lcHave you ever gotten up on the wrong side of the bed or seen it raining cats and dogs? In the picture book Butterflies in My Stomach and Other School Hazards by Serge Bloch, you can see these and other idioms come to life!  The illustrations are part real and part doodles which add to its humor and enjoyment. So if you’re feeling blue or in a pickle about the first day of school, keep an eye out for this amusing book!

Book read by Carol C., Elementary School Liaison


By MPPL on February 9, 2009 Categories: Picks by Carol C., Picture Books

Thump, Quack, Moo: A Whacky Adventure by Doreen Cronin

syndetics-lcThump, Quack, Moo: A Whacky Adventure by Doreen Cronin – This is the newest book in Cronin’s wacky farm series.  Join the fun as Farmer Brown works on his Statue of Liberty Maze.  Little does he know that at night, duck is also working on his design.  Read the book to find out what Farmer Brown and Duck discover when they take a hot air balloon ride to see the finished product.  You will have a good laugh!
Book read by Barb M., Youth Programming Assistant
By MPPL on December 16, 2008 Categories: Picks by Barb M., Picture Books

Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin


syndetics-lcHow do you have a book about colors without any colors? That’s just what Menena Cottin does in Black Book of Colors.  She describes each color through the senses of smell, taste, touch and hearing, and the pages are all black with raised pictures you can feel!  I loved reading what the color red tastes like and what green smells like.  Read the book and see if you can describe the feel, taste or smell of a color too!

Book read by Keary B., Youth Collection Specialist Librarian


By MPPL on November 25, 2008 Categories: Picks by Keary B., Picture Books

Jake Stays Awake by Michael Wright

syndetics-lcI love the pictures in the book Jake Stays Awake by Michael Wright. They are very colorful and modern. It is about Jake, a little boy who will not sleep in his own bed alone.  Every night he joins his parents in theirs. As Jake gets older and bigger, his parents decide there is no longer room for him in their bed so they decide to try other places to sleep. The whole family ends up on the roof, the stairs, the tub, etc.  None of these places is very comfortable, but read the book to see where Jake decides he should sleep.

Book read by Barb M., Youth Programming Assistant

By MPPL on September 17, 2008 Categories: Picks by Barb M., Picture Books