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Staff Picks 4 Kids

Alone in the Forest by Gita Wolf

syndetics-lcHave you been scared in the forest? In Alone in the Forest by Gita Wolf, Musa is collecting firewood when a loud sound scares him and he has to hide in a hollow tree. Musa is able to find his way back to his village because he sees a cow passing by and holds on to its tail all the way back to the village. The illustrator, Bhajju Shyam, uses Gond traditional folk-art style from India. The colorful illustrations are outlined in black and go well with the text.

Book reviewed by Anne W., Youth Services Assistant

By lbos on June 2, 2014 Categories: Picks by Anne W., Picture Books

No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou by Rhonda Gowler Greene

syndetics-lcHey kids! Do you like to look for treasure? Join Big Pirate Pete and his crew when they look for treasure at the Seebreezy Library. They have no idea how to act in a library, so Library Lou shows them what they are supposed to do. She also helps them find the treasure, which is a different one than they expected. Funny!

Book reviewed by Anne W., Youth Services Assistant

By lbos on April 14, 2014 Categories: Picks by Anne W., Picture Books

Two Little Monkeys by Mem Fox



This is a cute book for preschoolers about two monkeys named Cheeky and Chee.  You will love this rhyming story of two monkeys at play while trying to stay out of trouble.  Oh no! Something is prowling about!  Little monkeys need to watch out!

Book reviewed by Barb M., Youth Outreach and Programming Assistant

By lbos on January 21, 2013 Categories: Picks by Barb M., Picture Books

Mirror, Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse by Marilyn Singer

syndetics-lcIn the book Mirror, Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse by Marilyn Singer, each spread consists of a page of poems next to an illustrated page. Both the words and the pictures are sort of mirror images of each other (hence, the title of this book), and both are creatively done. Each pair of poems contains exactly the same lines, but the second one is the reverse of the first. My favorite is “Bears in the News” which shows the three bears discovering Goldilocks in their bed– from both the bears’ and Goldilocks’ points of view. It’s so simple, yet so brilliant!

Book reviewed by Erin E., Youth Programming Coordinator

By lbos on December 17, 2012 Categories: For Grades 2-4, Non-fiction, Picks by Erin E., Picture Books

Yoko’s Show-and-Tell by Rosemary Wells

Yokos Show and TellYoko’s Show and Tell by Rosemary Wells. Yoko wants to bring her special doll that her grandparents sent her all the way from Japan in for Show and Tell at school.  However, her mother says that she can’t because it is so delicate and special and it could get ruined.  But, of course, Yoko decides not to listen to her mother, and it won’t take much for even the littlest readers to predict what happens next.  The book has a good message about following the rules that your parents set for you and about being honest. The illustrations are beautiful too.


By bjones on October 15, 2012 Categories: Picture Books

Biblioburro by Jeanette Winter

BiblioburroBiblioburro by Jeanette Winter is a true story from Colombia that tells us the story of Luis.  Luis, in company with his burros Alfa y Beto, travels around the country to bring the opportunity for everyone to read.  From crossing hills and streams, Luis gets to his destiny to bring books and stories for the kids. Enjoy this colorful and interesting book.

Book Reviewed by Helgi M., Patron Assistant South Branch

By bjones on April 9, 2012 Categories: Picks by Helgi M., Picture Books

Beauty and the Squat Bears by Emile Bravo

Beauty and the Squat BearsBeauty and the Squat Bears by Emile Bravo is a hilarious graphic novel story book mash-up of just about every prince and princess fairy tale you can think of—all with a smart, modern twist.  The squat bears just want to find a prince that can get rid of the weird princess that has barged in on their little cottage.  One squat bear goes on the mission, and ends up with not one, but three rowdy princes.  Unfortunately, the princes end up pushing the fairy godmother too far and things get ugly.  Fractured fairy tale fans of all ages will love this very funny story.


By MPPL on November 23, 2011 Categories: For Grades 2-4, Picture Books

How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills

How Rocket Learned to Read Can dogs learn how to read?  In How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills Rocket, a lovable dog, happens upon a tree that little bird has chosen for her school.  Since Rocket is sleeping under the sign that says, “Class Starts Today,” the little bird figures he is there to learn how to read.  Rocket is not interested in the least until the bird starts to read him a story, and he can’t wait to hear how it ends. Read this book and find out if Rocket learns to read!

Book reviewed by Barb M., Youth Outreach and Programming Assistant

By MPPL on October 19, 2010 Categories: Picks by Barb M., Picture Books

Easy as Pie by Cari Best

Easy as Pie Easy as Pie by Cari Best. Wearing his chef’s hat and apron and remembering tips from his favorite television cooking show, Jacob makes a fresh peach pie for his parents’ anniversary. But the family has anniversary dinner reservations! Will there be time for the pie to cool so they can eat it before they have to leave? Jacob tries to find a way that is “easy as pie” so the family can leave happy and on time!

Book reviewed by Jan P., Preschool/Childcare Liason


By MPPL on September 1, 2010 Categories: Picks by Jan P., Picture Books

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything by Elise Broach

When Dinosaurs Came With Everything When a mom and her son went to the bakery to buy donuts, they saw a sign that read, “Buy a Dozen Get a Dinosaur!”  Mom thought they meant a toy, until the bakery lady came out with a real triceratops!  In When Dinosaurs Came With Everything by Elise Broach, the same thing happened when they went to the doctor’s office for a checkup and to the barber shop.  Mom wasn’t very happy to have 3 real dinosaurs following them home!  But something happened that made mom realize that having them around was not so bad.  The last picture in the book will really surprise you!

Book reviewed by Mary Lou H., Youth Services Assistant


By MPPL on August 23, 2010 Categories: Picks by Mary Lou H., Picture Books