Notes from Story Time Category: Writing

Thunder Boy Jr.

thunder-boyBy spending time talking about a name, we are calling attention to the connection between spoken word and print. In this story, Thunder Boy Jr. doesn’t like his name and wants a new one. It is the tradition in some communities that when you get older, you get a new name to show something you’ve done or what people hope you will do.  Talk to your child about what he/she would like their new name to be.  Write this name on a piece of paper and ask your child to draw you a picture.


Monster Scribbles

Monster ColorsWhen your child is little, a great way to practice writing skills is to encourage them to scribble and draw. In Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin, the monsters like to scribble with different colored crayons. This could be a fun activity for you to do at home.

–Tip by Mary Smith, Head of Youth Services