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STEAM Saturday: Lightning Bugs

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Fireflies book cover

Lightning Bugs, or fireflies, are a native species of beetle. There are over 2,000 different species all over the world, with over 125 native to the United States. Once you start to look more closely, you can notices differences between how different lightning bugs flash. Each species has a different pattern and speed that they flash. Color also varies by species, ranging from whitish blue, to orange, and yellow. There are places where all the lightning bugs will flash in unison!  

You may have to push bedtime a bit, but now is the best time to see these amazing beetles in action. Wash out a plastic jar and let your little ones catch some, just be sure to release them before you turn in for the night. 

For more information, explore these websites:

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Or check out these books!

Fireflies book cover

Firefly Home book cover
Ten Flashing Fireflies book cover
When the Fireflies Come book cover

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