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STEAM Saturday: LED Fireworks

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Celebrate Independence Day by coloring fireworks and adding some technology to make them light up!

Complete this project at home by requesting a Tech Take Home Kit from Youth Services or South Branch and scheduling a pickup time. MPPL cardholders can request 1 kit per child, while supplies last. (Please be aware that the kits will come with small pieces, which are a choking hazard to small children.) Best for ages 6 and up.

Here are the supplies and instructions if you’d like to try it on your own!


  • Firework coloring page   
  • LED light           
  • 3V coin cell battery (CR2032) 
  • Black electrical tape 
  • Crayons
  • Scotch tape


  1. Color the fireworks coloring page. 
  2. Select which firework to light up and punch a small hole in the middle with a crayon. 
  3. Take the battery out of the packaging and un-tape the LED light. 
  4. Slide the LED light onto the battery so that one leg of the light is on each side of the battery. The longer leg on the LED light must be on the side of the battery with writing on it.  
  5. The LED light will turn on. 
  6. Secure the light by wrapping the battery and the LED light legs together with electrical tape.  
  7. Place your light in the hole in the coloring sheet to make your firework light up. You can secure it with a piece of scotch tape.  

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