Lists and Suggestions for Teens

List: Told By Multiple Narrators

Bardugo, Leigh.

"Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. Kaz's crew is the only thing that might st... More

Chokshi, Roshani, author.

"Set in a darkly glamorous world The Gilded Wolves is full of mystery, decadence and dangerous... More

Albertalli, Becky, author.

When Ben and Arthur, two very different boys--and ex-boyfriends who are stuck in the past--keep run... More

Latham, Jennifer, author.

When Rowan Chase finds a skeleton on her family's property, she has no idea that investigating... More

Locke, Katherine, author.

When Ellie Baum accidentally time-travels via red balloon to 1988 East Berlin, she's caught up... More

Moracho, Cristina, author.

"Althea and Oliver, who have been friends since age six and are now high school juniors, find ... More

Halpern, Jake, author.

On the island, sunrise doesn't come every twenty-four hours--it comes every twenty-eight years... More

Kaufman, Amie, author.

"The planet Kerenza is attacked, and Kady and Ezra find themselves on a space fleet fleeing th... More

Hillyer, Lexa, author.

"When the body of 17-year-old Kit Malloy is found out by the woods frozen to death and half-un... More

Calonita, Jen, author.

"What if the Evil Queen poisoned the prince? Following her beloved mother's death, the ki... More

Nelson, Jandy, author.

"A story of first love, family, loss, and betrayal told from different points in time, and in ... More

Taylor, Jordyn, author.

Sixteen-year-old Alice is spending the summer in Paris, but she isn't there for pastries and w... More

Lawson, Richard (Film critic), author.

In the hours after a bridge collapse rocks their city, four teens are forced to face their pasts an... More

Donaldson, Jennifer (Young adult author), author.

Told in alternating voices, two teenagers, one in Austin, Texas, and the other in Portland, Oregon,... More

Shusterman, Neal.

In a world where disease has been eliminated, the only way to die is to be randomly killed (gleaned... More

Hill, Will, 1979- author.

Before, she lived inside the fence. She was never allowed to leave the property, never allowed to t... More

Kiely, Brendan, 1977- author.

At Fullbrook Academy, where tradition reigns supreme, James Baxter and Jules Devereux take on privi... More

Lu, Marie, 1984-

"Adelina Amouteru survived the blood fever, a deadly illness that killed many, but left others... More

Jackson, Tiffany D., author.

When a young black teen is murdered, his two best friends decide to keep his memory alive by promot... More

Powell, Patricia Hruby, 1951- author.

Written in blank verse, the story of Mildred Loving, an African American girl, and Richard Loving, ... More

Nazemian, Abdi, author.

"Beth Kramer is a "townie" who returns to her sophomore year after having endured a ... More

Acevedo, Elizabeth, author.

Camino Rios lives for the summers when her father visits her in the Dominican Republic. But this ti... More

McSmith, Tobly, author.

Tired from all the attention he got at his old school after coming out as transgender, Pony just wa... More

Yang, Kelly, author.

They're called parachutes: teenagers dropped off to live in private homes and study in the US ... More

Silvera, Adam, 1990- author.

"In a world where some people are born with powers and some people take them, brothers Emil an... More

Tamani, Liara, author.

"Carli and Rex have an immediate connection, an understanding that must mean first love, but f... More

Cotugno, Katie, author.

One conversation can change everything. Meg has her entire life set up perfectly: she and her best ... More

Ness, Patrick, 1971- author.

On a cold Sunday evening in early 1957, Sarah Dewhurst waited with her father in the parking lot of... More