Lists and Suggestions for Teens

List: Sports -- Baseball Fiction

Kluger, Steve.

Three teenagers in Boston narrate their experiences of a year of new friendships, first loves, and c... More

Deuker, Carl.

When sophomore Shane Hunter's father is arrested for money laundering at his Lexus dealership, ... More

Smith, Jennifer E.

High school freshman Ryan Walsh, a Chicago Cubs fan, meets Nick when they both skip school on openin... More

Peña, Matt de la.

Sixteen-year-old Danny searches for his identity amidst the confusion of being half-Mexican and half... More

Lipsyte, Robert.

Mike lives for baseball and hopes to follow his idol into the major leagues one day, but he is distr... More

Feinstein, John.

While covering baseball's World Series between the Washington Nationals and the Boston Red Sox,... More

Burg, Ann E.

Two years after being airlifted out of Vietnam in 1975, Matt Pin is haunted by the terrible secret h... More

Crutcher, Chris.

A high school athlete, frustrated at being handicapped after an accident, runs away from home and is... More

Ritter, John H., 1951-

The fate of a small California town rests on the outcome of one baseball game, and Tom Gallagher hop... More

Lupica, Mike.

Pitching prodigy Michael Arroyo is on the run from social services after being banned from playing L... More