Lists and Suggestions for Teens

List: Horror

Priest, Cherie, author.

Seventeen-year-old Denise Farber, her mom, and her stepfather are moving back to New Orleans, into ... More

Vega, Danielle, author.

To evade her manipulative ex-boyfriend, sixteen-year-old Hendricks' family moves to small-town... More

Wooding, Chris, 1977-

Once you get into the story, there's no way out. Everyone's heard the rumors. If you gath... More

Ireland, Justina, author.

Future investigative reporter Sabrina, fourteen, researches a popular website where people post hor... More

Kwaymullina, Ambelin, 1975- author.

Nothing has been the same for Beth Teller since the day she died. Her dad was the only one able to ... More

Howe, Katherine, 1977- author.

When girls start experiencing strange tics and other mysterious symptoms at Colleen's high sch... More

Yancey, Richard.

In 1888, twelve-year-old Will Henry chronicles his apprenticeship with Dr. Warthrop, a scientist wh... More

Adler, Dahlia, editor.

Offers a collection of authors' reimaginings of Edgar Allan Poe's work, as well as the or... More

Chupeco, Rin, author.

Okiku has wandered the world for centuries, freeing the innocent ghosts of the murdered-dead and ta... More

Kurtagich, Dawn, author.

Inspired by the legend of Faust and told in alternating timelines, sixteen-year-old Roan arrives at... More

Alameda, Courtney, author.

Seventeen-year-old Micheline Helsing is a tetrachromat, able to see ghosts in color and capture the... More

Buckingham, Royce.

Timid twelve-year-old Teddy Mathews and his mother move to a small, remote desert town in eastern W... More

Showalter, Gena.

Alice Bell must learn to fight the undead to avenge her family and learn to trust Cole Holland who ... More

Bowman, Erin, author.

After receiving a distress call from a drill team on a distant planet, a skeleton crew is sent into... More

Schaeffer, Rebecca, author.

Nita's mother hunts monsters and, after Nita dissects and packages them, sells them online, bu... More

Atwood, M. C., author.

Separated from their class during a senior trip to the infamous Boulder House, five teens confront ... More

Blake, Kendare.

For three years, seventeen-year-old Cas Lowood has carried on his father's work of dispatching... More

Cajoleas, Jimmy, author.

It wasn't technically an exorcism, what they did to Clare. When the reverend and his son rippe... More

Stroud, Jonathan.

Follows three young operatives of a Psychic Detection Agency as they battle an epidemic of ghosts i... More

Ireland, Justina, author.

Jane McKeene was born two days before the dead began to walk the battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsy... More

Legrand, Claire, 1986- author.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Furyborn comes a breathtaking and spine-tingling novel... More

Richardson, E. E.

After the disappearance of his brother Adam, thirteen-year-old Bryan faces a shadowy, centuries-old... More

Ryan, Carrie.

Through twists and turns of fate, orphaned Mary seeks knowledge of life, love, and especially what ... More

Liggett, Kim.

Seventeen-year-old Ash Larkin finds out her family is involved in a centuries-old saga of love and ... More