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List: OFB 2022--Transitional Chapter Books

A photo of Linty : a pocketful of adventure

Linty : a pocketful of adventure

"Linty is a ball of lint. He's been living a quiet, solitary life in a pair of hand-me-down jeans, where he has been nestled undisturbed for months, possibly even years. So it's quite a shock for Linty when a boy finally puts on the jeans. Before he knows it, Linty is joined by other pocket things, and his once lonely world is now filled with friends! But just as he's starting to get used to his exciting new life, Laundry Day arrives. What will happen to Linty and his friends? And what exactly happens to pocket lint when it goes through the washer and dryer?"--


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A photo of Esme's birthday conga line

Esme's birthday conga line

"A chapter book about a young girl, Esme, who is off to plan her own birthday party with the help of the eclectic neighbors who reside in her apartment building."--

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A photo of Tim Possible & the time-traveling T. rex

Tim Possible & the time-traveling T. rex

"Tim and Tito are best friends whose world gets upended when a time-traveling T-Rex named Oskar suddenly appears in Tim's backyard. That's right, a time-traveling T-Rex, who knows too much for his or Tim and Tito's good. Sure, Oskar's prehistoric spaceship is awesome. But when Tim mistakenly gulps down something called Impossible Juice, the boys find themselves not only battling a loony, robotic lunch lady but also Oskar's evil AI assistant. Is humanity as they know it on the brink of doom? Or can Tim, Tito, and Oskar save the day?"--Publisher's description.


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A photo of Quest Kids and the dragon pants of gold. 1

Quest Kids and the dragon pants of gold. 1

The Quest Kids are ready for their first real quest. This time, they won't oversleep, they won't be put off by a little rain, and they won't accidentally burn down the village that hired them. All they have to do is find the Golden-Fleeced Rage Beast, shave it, and make a really nice golden tracksuit to appease a furious dragon. Simple, right? Meet the Quest Kids crew: Gil, a wizard (well, wizard in training . . . the beard isn't his); Terra, a 700-year-old elf kid; Boulder, a rock troll who is more of a cook than a fighter; Ash, a flatulent pig-dog-maybe-lizard hybrid; and, Ned, the intrepid and overly optimistic leader with his own personal quest to find his missing parents.


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A photo of King of the ice

King of the ice

"When his friend RJ bets that Miles will wipe out at the ice rink, he is determined to prove him wrong."--

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A photo of Leave it to Plum!

Leave it to Plum!

Every day at the Athensville Zoo the peacocks are allowed to wander freely among the visitors, delighting and guiding kids and grownups alike, and kind, curious Plum is the peacock most proud of their responsibility.

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A photo of Loki : a bad god's guide to being good

Loki : a bad god's guide to being good

After one prank too many, trickster god Loki has been banished to live as a kid on Earth. If he can show moral improvement within one month, he'll be allowed to return to Asgard. If not? Eternity in a pit of angry snakes. School, fake "parents," and an eleven-year-old Thor's farts are pure misery. But when a bigger threat than Loki's mischief comes to Earth, Loki will have to decide whether he's really a villain, or if he might want to do the right thing for once.--


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A photo of The Area 51 files

The Area 51 files

When Sky Patel-Baum is sent to live with her mysterious uncle, she never imagines she'll end up in Area 51, a top-secret military base. Sky feels like she's landed in a whole new world, even though she hasn't left the planet. Because guess what? Area 51 is full of aliens. Lots and lots of aliens. But something even stranger is happening in Area 51--aliens are going missing. Where could they be? How come everyone thinks sky and her uncle are involved in their disappearance? And why are there eyeballs in the macaroni and cheese at Area 51 Middle School? Sky must team up with her pizza-obsessed pet hedgehog, Spike, her otherworldly next-door neighbor, Elvis, and his fluffy pup, Pickles, to solve the case!


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