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DIY Research: Government Sources

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Looking for answers to complicated questions on Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo can lead to limited results and incomplete information. With complex research questions, finding authoritative, reliable sources is key. That means thinking about life beyond Google and getting creative with search strategies.  

The library is here to help with research, and there are many helpful sites available on the web that can also get you started with doing your own research. As an example, here are a just a few government websites that can be useful research tools: – As a general search tool, can be very useful. For any information you suspect is available from a federal agency, such as the Centers for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Department of State, as well as many resources from state governments, a keyword search on will get heading in the right direction. 

Library of Congress Digital Collections – Imagine walking through a museum that features details from every aspect of our country’s history, art, geography, music, politics, and so much more. The collections held by the Library of Congress tell the story of our nation, and many of the items have been digitized and curated into descriptive and profound collections. This collection includes digitized versions of many documents that can inform historical research, as well as rare books and photographs that bring history to life. 

Congressional Reports – The U.S. Congress regularly calls upon the Congressional Research Service to compile concise and accurate reports that will help to inform their deliberation of pending legislation. CRS is actually an office within the Library of Congress (even congress calls the library for homework help!) These reports can provide well-researched insight on many issues. 

For help accessing these or any of the great sources of information offered by the library, contact the Research Desk. 

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