Notes from Story Time Category: Reading

Push That Button–Storytime with Miss Claire!

Let’s see what happens when Miss Claire’s surprise guest pushes the different colored buttons.  Click here to see.  Did you know that children learn more from books when you have them interact with the story.  Notice how the structure of this story helps your child anticipate what is coming next.  See if they can guess what will happen each time a different colored button is pressed.

Storytime From Space

A Moon of My Own by Jennifer RustgiStory Time from Space is a project from the Global Space Education Foundation  where they send children’s books to the International Space station to have astronauts read from space.  Listen to a story read by an astronaut.

A Moon of My Own

Guess Whose Feet Are Dancing?

Dancing Feet by Lindsey CraigBeing able to guess or predict what comes next in a story helps children when they are learning to read. As you read aloud Dancing Feet by Lindsay Craig, ask your child to guess which animal is dancing.


colorful crayonsColoring is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination needed for reading and writing.  Talk to your child about their drawing and label some of the items in the picture.  Point out the words to your child.  This shows that printed letters stand for spoken words.


The Lion and the MouseFables and other traditional stories are great to read with your child, and you can tell them in different ways. As you read the wordless picture book The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney, you might want to use the text of the story from the Library of Congress’ free database at This shows that words of one version of the story work with the illustrations from another version and that words and pictures have meaning.