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List: Best Books 2021 PreK

Brun-Cosme, Nadine

Readers will find out how Little One is reassured after he becomes Little Worry. ... More

Wilson, Jamia

"Introduce your baby to Black excellence with this lyrical board-book edition of Young, Gifted... More

Alko, Selima

What do African dance, samosas, and Japanese gardens have in common? They are all gifts the United ... More

Diaz, Lucky

"Follow along with our narrator as he passes through his busy neighborhood in search of the Pa... More

Flett, Julie

"Join celebrated artist Julie Flett on a joyful romp with animals. From chasing, chirping bird... More

Esperanza, C. G.

Lively and colorful with a read-aloud beat, this picture book celebrates the rich culture of the Bo... More

Gustavson, Adam

"The froggies do not want to sleep and refuse to head to bed; they'd rather play their ac... More

Meltzer, Brad

"After Sunday quits being a day of the week, the other days of the week try out all sorts of c... More

Ho, Joanna

A self-confident and strong young girl recounts how she shares her eyes--and so much more--with her... More

Phelan, Matt

"On a crisp, fall day and evening, rambunctious bear cubs turn getting dressed into an adventu... More

Pinkney, Brian

During his busy day, Kenny gets dressed, fights his fear of the vacuum cleaner, gets a soccer lesso... More

Wynter, Anne

"In the middle of the night, a chain reaction of noises wakes the residents of an urban apartm... More

Gardner, Laura Sperry

"Explore the Blue Ridge Mountains, a part of the Appalachian range that teems with fascinating... More

Court, Moira

"Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest continent in the world, with icy deserts, mountai... More