Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: Fountas and Pinnell N

Brown, Jeff.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. The members of the Lambchop family react differently when a ... More

Byars, Betsy.

On one night every year, cats in the MEOW Society, which stands for "Memories Expressed In Our... More

Catling, Patrick Skene.

Also available in Overdrive. A boy acquires a magical gift that turns everything his lips touch into... More

Danziger, Paula.

Also available in Overdrive. Amber's life has changed dramatically: her parents are divorced, h... More

Fleischman, Sid.

A plucky Mexican girl tries to recover her dream from the Dream Stealer who takes her to his castle... More

Holt, Kimberly Willis.

Also available in Overdrive. Piper is sad about leaving her home and friends behind when her father,... More

Miles, Ellen.

Charles and Lizzie Peterson foster dogs and find them the perfect homes. Will they be able to take ... More

Myers, Laurie.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. Afraid of getting maimed for making fun of Brick, the husky... More

Osborne, Mary Pope.

Also available in Overdrive. The magic tree house carries Jack and Annie to New York City in 1938 on... More

Roy, Ron.

Also available in Overdrive. Dink and his friends investigate why pets, like Mrs. Davis's canar... More

Stone, Rex.

"Tom and Jamie can't believe their luck when they find a secret entrance to a prehistoric... More

Simon, Francesca.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. "Horrid Henry invents a time machine and promises to se... More

Odgers, Darrel.

Jack Russell investigates when all of the dogs who live in Doggeroo are hiding under their beds in ... More

Abbott, Tony.

Eric, Julie, and Neal can't stop thinking about the magical world of Droon. They're even s... More

Gibbons, Gail.

Gail Gibbons explores the mysterious world and workings of owls in her latest nonfiction picture boo... More

Weatherford, Carole Boston.

The new U.S. President, Barack Obama, and his family search for the perfect family dog to take to t... More