Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: Fountas and Pinnell I

Arnold, Tedd.

Also available in Overdrive. A five-year-old boy thinks his body is falling apart until he learns n... More

Bruel, Nick.

Also available in Overdrive. When a kitty discovers there is no cat food in the house, she decides ... More

Carle, Eric.

The farm animals try to divert a busy little spider from spinning her web, but she persists and pro... More

Sendak, Maurice.

A family of alligators is taken through the letters A through Z. ... More

Simont, Marc.

Available in Overdrive in Spanish. A family befriends a stray dog, names him Willy, and decides to ... More

Stickland, Paul.

Illustrations and rhyming text present all kinds of dinosaurs, including ones that are sweet, grump... More

Taback, Simms.

Also available in Hoopla. A very old overcoat is recycled numerous times into a variety of garments.... More

Wood, Don.

Little Mouse worries that the big, hungry bear will take his freshly picked, ripe, red strawberry f... More

Arnold, Tedd.

Also available in Overdrive. When Fly Guy meets Fly Girl, he is amazed and smitten. ... More

Arnold, Tedd.

Also available in Overdrive. A pet fly searches for his favorite brown, oozy, lumpy, smelly food. ... More

Colandro, Lucille.

Also available in Hoopla. Simple variations on the traditional cumulative rhyme. ... More

Eastman, P. D.

A baby bird goes looking for his mother and not knowing what she looks like, gets into many adventu... More

Pilkey, Dav.

Like most dogs, Big Dog and Little Dog go for walks, play in puddles, and snuggle up for a nap when... More

Yoo, Paula.

Mei's little brother is turning 100 days old and there will be a big party to celebrate. Mei a... More

Ehlert, Lois.

When Fox tells Mole she must move out of her tunnel to make way for a new path, Mole finds an ingen... More

Cowley, Joy.

This frog found in the rain forest of Central America spends the night searching for food while als... More