Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: Look and Find

Martinez, Michelle.

"It's a perfect day to learn new words while exploring the wondrous world around us! In t... More

Boldt, Mike.

Fergus the bear wants to play hide and seek with the reader, but will need help--and practice--to h... More

Epstein, Adam Jay.

A playful take on "seek and find" books stars Gordon, a purple tapir who is happy to be f... More

Glass, Calliope.

Meet Patch-- and remember what he looks like! He is going to cause some trouble in this book and di... More

Lohr, Stefan.

"In My Big Wimmelbook--Animals Around the World, go on a journey with a pair of wildlife photo... More

Long, Ethan.

The animal residents of Happy County learn about the important activities of the Sun and the Moon. ... More

Matheson, Christie.

"Count backward from ten as you search for hidden birds (and insects and animals) in this seek... More

Schrey, Sophie.

"The seven unicorns of Rainbow Valley have become a worldwide sensation. Due to popular demand... More

Wallace, Daniel.

"In the wake of the Empire's fall, Imperial Commander Moff Gideon has a bounty out on the... More

Tallec, Olivier.

Simple text asks the reader a series of questions about the characters on each page, and the child ... More

Dubke, Karon.

"Send kids on an out-of-this-world seek-and-find adventure. Planets, moons, shooting stars, an... More

Schuette, Sarah L.

"Show kids their favorite fairy tales and fantasies with this fun seek-and-find title. Hundred... More

Schuette, Sarah L.

"Treat kids to a seek-and-find celebration! Full-color photo puzzles focused on birthdays, the... More

Mabbitt, Will.

"Seven-year-old Stevie is lost in the galleries! She needs to locate a series of artworks to f... More

Thompson, Heidi E.

"Treat kids to a seek-and-find field trip to the farm. Kids will discover the different animal... More

Schuette, Sarah L.

"Teach kids where to find the perfect picture puzzles in this seek-and-find title that's ... More

Wick, Walter.

"Optical illusions abound! Explore a world of toys, an enchanted ball, the farthest reaches of... More