Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: Green Dot Level 4

Adler, David A.

Cam Jansen uses her photographic memory at the school Green Fair to solve a mystery involving a miss... More

Butler, Dori Hillestad.

Also available in Overdrive, Hoopla, and RB Digital. King's human, Kayla, has baked some treats... More

Bond, Rebecca.

On the first day of spring Pig sets out to have a picnic by the pond, meets Goose, and so discovers ... More

Catalanotto, Peter.

Presents four stories about best friends Monkey and Robot, who try out Halloween costumes, visit the... More

Clanton, Ben.

Also available in Overdrive. Join Super Narwhal and sidekick Jelly Jolt as they take on three SUPER ... More

Haas, Jessie.

"Bramble the horse is starting life with her new person, Maggie. When Maggie wants to go for a ... More

Harrington, Claudia.

Hank pet sits Yum-Yum the very spoiled fish. Yum-Yum dies on Hank's watch, so Hank buys a new g... More

Heyman, Alissa.

While planning a surprise party to show his best friend Seymour how much he values their friendship,... More

Jakubowski, Michele.

Poppy is not impressed with her best friend Millie's new playhouse, but she soon realizes that ... More

Joyner, Andrew.

Boris lives in Hogg Bay, in an old bus that used to travel all over the world, but now just sits the... More

Jules, Jacqueline.

When a storm causes a neighborhood blackout, Sofia and her father come up with a plan for the perfec... More

Kelley, Marty.

Molly's class is going on a field trip to the Space Science Center, and, despite what everyone ... More

Kessler, Liz.

Dalmatian Poppy the pirate dog gets a new little brother, but the "brother" is not all tha... More

Klimo, Kate.

Also available in Overdrive. "The world treats Twinky like a dinky dog. The only problem is tha... More

Landry, Leo.

Also available in Hoopla and RB Digital. Will stage fright prevent a very funny bear from becoming a... More

Lloyd, Jennifer.

When Okapi discovers a hole in his hammock, Detective Murilla Gorilla must find out what happened. ... More

Lobel, Arnold.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. Frog and Toad spend their days together, but find sometimes ... More

Lord, Cynthia.

When Hamster and his friends go looking for some cool, wet, wild fun at the Water Kingdom waterpark,... More

Michalak, Jamie.

The mismatched pals accidentally latch onto a big yellow bus and leave the cageless zoo for their fi... More

Ray, J. Hamilton.

Also available in Overdrive. Squirrels on skis take over a town, wreaking havoc among the human resi... More

Ruiz, Rachel.

Harry's latest invention--a Superhero Robot programmed to do chores--malfunctions, and the robo... More

Ryan, Pam Munoz.

"Tony Baloney and his school are celebrating pen pal month! Big Sister Baloney says her pen pal... More

Rylant, Cynthia.

Henry and his dog Mudge are invited to a sleepover in Patrick's attic, where they watch monster... More

Schneider, Josh.

Also available in Overdrive and RB Digital. A father tells outlandish stories while trying to get hi... More

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.

Also available in Overdrive. Nate the Great interrupts his backyard vacation to find his friend'... More