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List: Best Books 2021 Grades K-2

Burgos, Hilda

A young Dominican American girl in New York City moves from jealousy to empathy as her parents baby... More

Pham, LeUyen

"Something strange happened on an unremarkable day just before the season changed. beautiful b... More

Kim, Aram

Every Sunday, Yoomi enjoys favorite foods and activities in Koreatown but when things go wrong, Dad... More

Lion, Huynh

"This is no ordinary first journey. The rainy season has come to the Mekong Delta, and An, a y... More

Van, Muon

"In this spare, poetic picture book based on author Muon Van's family history and told th... More

Weatherford, Carole

A black mother describes her dreams for her newborn daughter, and her hopes for a future in which h... More

Ebbeler, Jeffrey

When Izzie brings her pet Kraken to the county fair everyone thinks he is frightening, but he is li... More

Gehl, Laura

"Cat wants to nap, and Goat wants to eat... what could go wrong?"-- ... More

Stemple, Heidi

"Can Toucan juggle two cans? He can! What about three cans? Or four? Can you root for Toucan a... More

Salazar, Alicia

Camila dreams of being a star and, after learning about children who break world records, decides sh... More

Tharp, Jason

When a spicy mustard packet tries to make everyone grumpy, friends Nugget, a chicken nugget, and Do... More

McGinty, Alice

Cody is worried when his family on a New Mexico Navajo reservation runs out of water, but Darlene A... More

Reid, Megan

The true story of Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian girl whose creativity and love of stories helped he... More

Riley, Scott

"On a tiny Thai island without room for a soccer field, a group of resourceful teen boys gathe... More