Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: Graphic Novels for Grades 4-6

Calí, Davide, 1972- author.

"A hilarious, innovative riff on Agatha Christie's celebrated whodunnit 'Ten Little I... More

Ford, Christopher, 1981-

In this humorous take on the Odyssey, Zozimos, banished from his country by his evil stepmother, has... More

Frampton, Otis, author, artist.

"Meet Oddly Normal, a ten-year-old girl with pointed ears and green hair... a half-witch who wi... More

Guibert, Emmanuel.

The Chief Executive Officer of the universe, Supermuscleman, is training all children to obey him. O... More

Hale, Nathan, 1976-

Nathan Hale, the author's historical namesake, was America's first spy, a Revolutionary Wa... More

Hale, Shannon, author.

Newbery Honor author Shannon Hale and New York Times bestselling illustrator LeUyen Pham join forces... More

Hatke, Ben, author, artist.

Jack dreads summer because his single mother has to work and leaves him at home with his boring litt... More

Larson, Hope, author.

After escaping the Black Hook Gang in 1860 New York City, twelve-year-old twins Alexander and Cleopa... More

Lawrence, Mike (Comic book artist), author, illustrator.

"Avani is the new kid in town, and she's not happy about it. Everyone in school thinks she... More

Lendler, Ian, author.

"The Stratford Zoo looks like a normal zoo... until the gates shut at night. That's when t... More

Liu, Na, 1973-

A young girl describes her experiences growing up in China, beginning with the death of Chairman Mao... More

McCoola, Marika, author.

"Most children think twice before braving a haunted wood filled with terrifying beasties to mat... More

Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948- author.

"Fish Girl, a young mermaid living in a boardwalk aquarium, has never interacted with anyone be... More

Phelan, Matt.

The year is 1908, and a troupe of vaudeville performers has arrived in sleepy Muskegon, Michigan to ... More

Roman, Dave.

Hakata Soy looks to make a new start at Astronaut Academy, but his past as the leader of a futuristi... More

Santat, Dan.

When Captain Amazing feels he is getting too old to be a reliable superhero, he tries to hire a new ... More

Seagle, Steven T., author.

"Reluctant Skye is accidentally sent to the wrong summer camp. Not wanting to please her '... More

Shiga, Jason.

In this choose-your-own adventure graphic novel, a boy stumbles on the laboratory of a mad scientist... More

Siegel, Mark, 1967- author.

"A story that explores new worlds packed with amazing adventures; ancient mysteries; the unlike... More