Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: Picture Books For Older Readers

Bryant, Jennifer.

Young Abe Lincoln learns the meaning of selflessness and freedom when he encounters a soldier on a c... More

Cali, Davide

A humorous story about the absurd excuses for not doing homework. ... More

Carbone, Elisa Lynn.

When the huge steamship on which they are traveling runs aground off the New Jersey coast in 1882, t... More

Castellucci, Cecil.

"Theodora is a perfectly normal duck. She may swim with a teacup balanced on her head and stay ... More


A young girl helps her father, the captain of a whale boat, on a whale-watching trip and relates how... More

Cole, Henry.

In this wordless picture book, a young Southern farm girl discovers a runaway slave hiding behind th... More

Cole, Tom Clohosy.

Follows a small boy and his family as they try to reunite with his father after the Berlin Wall is b... More

Edinger, Monica.

Presents a tale of a child who arrives in America on the slave ship Amistad describing her capture, ... More

Elvgren, Jennifer Riesmeyer.

In Denmark during World War II, young Annet, her parents, and their neighbors help a Jewish family h... More

Fleischman, Paul.

Junkyard, Einstein, Wheels, Pencil, Spider, Hollywood, Spitball, Clips, and Google-Eyes team up to t... More

Hendrix, John.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. In 1914 France, a British soldier writes to his mother about... More

Joyce, William.

Dr. Zooper answers questions about life's ordinary puzzles, such as why homework disappears or ... More

Kuhlmann, Torben.

In a country far away, a new invention--the mechanical mousetrap--has caused all the mice but one to... More

McKissack, Patricia C.

One October night in 1745, John Leep, a mean and stingy lawyer, sets out to evict a widow from one o... More

Myers, Christopher.

Also available in Hoopla. "Two friends try to outdo each other on the basketball court in an ou... More

O'Neill, Alexis

Based on actual events, tells the story of Homan Walsh, who dreamed of flying his kite across the wi... More

Peet, Mal.

Young Yazul's love for making kites with his grandfather meets with disapproval from his father... More

Polacco, Patricia.

Sixth-grade friends Lyla and Jamie, both new to their school, stand up for each other when a clique ... More

Samworth, Kate.

Also available in Hoopla. In a future when deforestation and other environmental factors have caused... More

Smith, Lane.

Two readers compare print to digital media, and learn books are still valuable. ... More

Strady, Sophie.

Marcel, an old elephant who is writing an encyclopedia, reminisces about his memorable world travels... More

Walters, Eric.

Based on a true story about a young Kenyan boy whose mother left him but had named him Muthini which... More

Weatherford, Carole Boston.

Also available in Hoopla. Rhyming text celebrates the Harlem neighborhood that successful African Am... More

Yolen, Jane.

While trying to escape with her family from the Nazis, a young Jewish French girl feels protected by... More