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List: Grades 2-3 Honorable Mentions for Best Books 2021

Applegate, Katherine

Doggo, an older dog, is used to things a certain way. When Pupper shows up, Doggo's routine ch... More

Arnold, Elana

"Introducing Starla Jean! She's full of moxie, clever as a fox, and obsessed with catchin... More

Dominguez, Angela

"Stella is happy as a clam in fourth grade. She's the president of the Sea Musketeers con... More

Henkes, Kevin

"On his eighth birthday, Billy Miller wishes for something exciting to happen. None of his wis... More

Scieszka, Jon

So far the AstroNuts have failed to find a suitable planet, but NNASA has come up with a new plan: ... More

Braddock, Paige

When he gets separated from Butter and Crackers, Peanut becomes the new target of the Pint-Sized Pa... More

Harper, Charise

Boo is excited about playing in the rain, while Pepper would rather stay indoors with the Cat until... More

Friddell, Claudia

"Led by twenty-five-year-old Grace Banker, thirty-two telephone operators -- affectionately ca... More

Davids, Sharice

This inspiring picture book autobiography tells the remarkable story of Sharice Davids, one of the ... More

Lasky, Kathryn

"Ever since Williamina Fleming was little she was curious, and her childhood fascination with ... More

Mcanulty, Stacy

Meet Mars! The red planet. Planet Marvelous. Favorite sibling of Earth (or so he claims). Sometimes... More

Griffith, Evan

"How did a nineteenth-century dressmaker revolutionize science? Jeanne Power was creative: she... More

Paeff, Colleen

"This funny and informative picture book tells the story of Joseph Bazalgette, a 19th century ... More

Soreil, Traci

"A group of Native American kids from different tribes presents twelve historical and contempo... More