Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: Fractured Fairy Tales

Ahlberg, Jessica.

While Lucy tries to read to her dog Mr. Barker, he runs off and she ends up chasing him through a fa... More

Bedford, David.

"Once upon a time, a laptop arrived in Fairy-tale Land. Join Jack and his friends as they disco... More

Brett, Jan.

"Set in the ocean off Japan, this retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears stars Kiniro, a m... More

Christelow, Eileen.

Detective Doggedly, a pair of cows, and a sheep who looks very familiar are all nearby each time thr... More

Elya, Susan Middleton,

Miguel and Maria meet various fairy tale characters as they walk to their aunt's house. Include... More

Emmett, Jonathan.

Princesses Lucinda and Arabella treat a talking frog like royalty in hopes he will turn into a princ... More

Harper, Lee.

Two rascally weavers convince the emperor they are making clothing that will make him look "coo... More

Hart, Caryl.

When a grumpy giant stomps about keeping everyone awake at night Princess Sophie tries to find a way... More

Hartman, Bob.

Little Wolf is tired of eating lamburgers and sloppy does, but when he tricks his parents into think... More

Hassett, John.

In this revision of the familiar tale, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff," three sisters manage... More

Hodgkinson, Leigh.

Little Bear, all grown up, finds himself lost in a noisy, busy city where he happens to bump into so... More

Ketteman, Helen.

Also available in Hoopla. In this adaptation of the traditional folktale, three little gators each b... More

Kimmel, Eric A.

A hot pepper pie exposes the big bad wolf in this southwestern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. ... More

Lallemand, Orianne.

This year's annual Spring Picnic is just around the corner and the Wolf has decided to bake an ... More

Mortimer, Rachael.

When Little Wolf, who doesn't want to be a Big Bad Wolf, is sent to catch dinner, she meets Red... More

Palatini, Margie.

Three billy goats, unable to cross a bridge because they cannot pay the toll, form a car pool with T... More

Schwartz, Corey Rosen.

In this twist on "Little Red Riding Hood," a certain wolf trains to be a ninja in order to... More

Schwartz, Corey Rosen.

"In this twist on the classic tale, Cinderella and her less-famous twin sister Tinderella leave... More

Smallman, Steve.

When Big Bad catches a cold, he politely asks three little pigs for a tissue. ... More

Smith, Alex T.

In this version of Little Red Riding Hood, set on the African plains, Little Red realizes what the V... More

Stanley, Diane.

In this version of the traditional tale, a young giant chases Jack down the beanstalk to rescue his ... More

Stimpson, Colin.

After their cafe fails, Jack takes his mother's last few pennies and exchanges them for a can o... More

Wilcox, Leah.

To rescue Rapunzel from her tower, a prince yells for her to throw down her hair; but being too far ... More

Wilcox, Leah.

Prince Charming tries all sorts of silly ways to wake Sleeping Beauty before he learns how he is rea... More

Willems, Mo.

Also available in Hoopla. Once upon a time, there were three hungry Dinosaurs: Papa Dinosaur, Mama D... More

Osborne, Mary Pope.

In this version of the classic tale, a girl climbs to the top of a giant beanstalk, where she uses h... More

Osborne, Will.

A retelling of the Grimm tale featuring a handsome prince who is put into a deep sleep by a curse un... More

Hennessy, B. G.

A boy tending sheep on a lonely mountainside thinks it a fine joke to cry "wolf" and watch... More