Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: OFB 2022--Transitional Chapter Books

Shiell, Mike.

"Linty is a ball of lint. He's been living a quiet, solitary life in a pair of hand-me-do... More

Heuer, Lourdes.

"A chapter book about a young girl, Esme, who is off to plan her own birthday party with the h... More

Maisy, Axel.

"Tim and Tito are best friends whose world gets upended when a time-traveling T-Rex named Oska... More

Leiknes, Mark.

The Quest Kids are ready for their first real quest. This time, they won't oversleep, they won... More

Lyons, Kelly Starling.

"When his friend RJ bets that Miles will wipe out at the ice rink, he is determined to prove h... More

Phelan, Matt.

Every day at the Athensville Zoo the peacocks are allowed to wander freely among the visitors, deli... More

Stowell, Louie.

After one prank too many, trickster god Loki has been banished to live as a kid on Earth. If he can... More

Buxbaum, Julie.

When Sky Patel-Baum is sent to live with her mysterious uncle, she never imagines she'll end u... More