Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: OFB 2022--Social Emotional

Arnold, Elana K.

"When a family brings home two abandoned duck eggs and waits for them to hatch, they read, lea... More

Buitrago, Jairo.

"A quirky and uplifting guide to making new friends for kids 4 to 7 from a beloved, internatio... More

Fogliano, Julie.

"Two friends share their delight in the little things that set them apart, and the big things ... More

Hoefler, Kate.

Mae is a little girl, and Bear is a bear, but they are both afraid of trains and traveling to place... More

De Sève, Randall.

A neighborhood comes together to help a kitten without a home. ... More

Williams, Alicia.

As a little boy grows into a bigger boy, he first must have the difficult conversation Black famili... More

Heder, Thyra.

"Sal loves the water. All day, he thinks about it: being out there, just him and the waves, al... More

Morrison, Frank.

"When Epic's family moves to a new neighborhood, he has a hard time making friends and fi... More